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February 28, 2005

Last rap item for a little while, promise

Foxy Brown told my brother that Game wouldn’t last with 50 Cent because of the former’s ego and now there’s this:

50 Drops Game From G-Unit; Shots Fired At Radio Station

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Bush fired Mapes.

I loooooooove the story of Putin misunderstanding that the American press is actually free and not like, say, the Russian press.

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There’s something happening here….

Lebanon’s PM Resigns

Now, maybe I’m just a neo-con or whatever, but I find the changes we are seeing in the Middle East pretty amazing. A beautiful, free election in Iraq, compromise from Libya, Syria handing over Saddam’s half-brother (who, though a lowly 6 of diamonds is suspected of financing the insurgency), an actual election with actual voting (though, unfortunately, no actual women) in Saudi freaking Arabia and now this. Things are changing and, no matter what the doomsayers think, it’s for the better.

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Blogroll Update

Another cool right-leaning New York blog: Dana Superstar

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Question for people in Brooklyn

I’m working on a project involving my hometown of Brooklyn with which I need some help. Basically, I’m looking for interesting things to see and do in South Brooklyn. By ‘interesting’ I mean things that you may take for granted would be fascinating to people not from the best Borough. Think L&B Spumoni Gardens, Nellie Bly, the crazy houses in Mill Basin or Manhattan Beach, the bathhouse in Seagate. By ‘South’ I mean everything south of Park Slope, like Flatbush, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton, Coney Island, etc. Here is a handy map:

South Brooklyn Map.gif

I particularly don’t know anything about Bergen Beach, Canarsie, Flatlands and those areas are in danger of being cut from my project if I can’t find anything interesting in them.

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Le Oscar Internacional

I caught part of the Oscars and more than ever I think that Hollywood is aiming to appeal to people who don’t live in America. That’s fine, of course, except that most of its target audience lumps Hollywood in the same sentence as the slurs ‘McDonald’s and Bush’.

There was the requisite Bush bashing from Chris Rock, which bothers me a lot less than the retarded earnestness of people like Tim Robbins with the rhinestone peace sign on his tie.

Did anyone catch Selma Hayek’s homage to Che Guevara? What a passionate man. Not as passionate as Stalin or Hitler, but then he didn’t live as long either. Roger Simon says it best:

‘If Che hadn’t died young, people wouldn’t worship him so blindly and we wouldn’t have to listen to this sentimental crap. Deep down the whole Che cult is just about looks. Can you imagine people still running around in Che t-shirts if he had just been some ordinary looking guy?’

Update: Dawn Summers has more Oscar blogging.

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February 27, 2005

For the two people who read this blog for my hard-hitting rap commentary

My brother ran into Foxy Brown last night, at Burkina on Houston, and she told him that Nas was ‘a herb’ and though she used to be in ‘The Firm’ with him she was with Jay-Z now. A quick google search reveals that this was in the news but I hadn’t heard about it so I figured I’d share.

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Blogger Party

Gib from Crosblog and his lovely wife will be visiting NYC March 16-18 and I was thinking it’s about that time for another blogger party. How’s Wednesday the 16th for everyone? And, any suggestions as to location?

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5 word review of the Keanu Reeves film ‘Constantine’

Don’t see it. Trust me.

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February 26, 2005

Save us.

First the socialists of New York slowed the building of an Ikea in the desperate area of Red Hook, but I didn’t care because I would rather take a trip to NJ and pay lower sales tax than go to the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn (with the possible exception of Canarsie, there is nowhere more ‘middle of nowhere’ in Brooklyn than Red Hook, one of the few areas of that city with no subway). Then, the anti-business zealots stopped the building of a Wal-mart in Queens and a BJ’s Wholesale Club in the Bronx, but I did nothing because, really, who was trekking to Queens or Bronx anyway? But now, the insane progress-stoppers are going too far.

Apparently, the best fast food chain in the world, Cracker Barrel, is considering a move to Brooklyn. This is genius as the nearest Cracker Barrel to Brooklyn is 40 miles away in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey. Also, a recent conversation with Flatbush (the proposed area for the Cracker Barrel) dweller Dawn Summers alerted me to the fact that diner-type establishments like Cracker Barrel are scarce in the ‘hood. Councilman, professional race-baiter and Ex-Black Panther Charles ‘I would like to go up to the nearest white person and slap them for my own personal health’ Barron says that Cracker Barrel has a history of discriminating against ‘blacks, women and gays and lesbians’. I don’t know that this is true, a quick google search shows that there are several court cases that were brought against the company, but I wonder how many companies have never had discrimination cases brought against them and if this is an honest reason to stop businesses from opening. Just to show you the level of crazy that we routinely put up with from our elected officials in New York, the Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz, who was courting Cracker Barrel, said “I didn’t know about their past; I’ve never been in a Cracker Barrel. I’ve already called and invited them. I can’t now pick up the phone and say, ‘Go, get out of here.’” Erm, Marty, I think they may learn of your feelings without that call, seeing as how you said it to the Daily News and all. Oy.

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February 25, 2005

What’s in my head.

Remember that song ‘Truth’ by the Handsome Boy Modeling School I mentioned a few days ago? You can listen to it here. I highly recommend you do.

Update: By the by, I found a great site for hip-hop downloads, if you’re into that sort of thing, called Hip Hop Foundry. I recommend ‘Envy Me’ by Game. That song always puts me in a good mood.

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Way too easy

Moron Ted Rall issued a challenge to find the ‘worst, most vicious examples of liberal/leftie blogger vitriol’. Right Wing News took up the challenge.

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Quote of the Day

So, we could embrace the Libertarian ideal, and work toward a Libertarian world where we’ll all just wander the earth — free from borders and passports, tracking deer with the Indians through the middle of the Wal-Mart, bartering some extra ammo for a bottle of rye, allowing our six-year-old children to strike out on their own and make their precocious ways in the world, enjoying our unlimited freedom…and paying tolls. Lots and lots of tolls. Or, we can take the good ideas from the Libertarians, and discard the rest. The same can be said of any political party, and this is exactly the method that we recommend.

-Two Percent Company on why they are libertarians but not Libertarians. Read the whole thing.

Via Kip Esquire.

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Blogroll update

I read him all the time and was positive (wrongly) that I already had him on my blogroll. Please welcome Beautiful Atrocities to the California section of the blogroll.

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I wasn’t one of those hoping against hope that Dick Cheney would step down and Condoleeza Rice would take his place before the last election. And, I am not one of those that thinks she has a shot in ‘08. But, lately, I can’t help fantisizing that Cheney will step down (though I love me some Cheney) and that Bush will replace him with Condi. It’s more of a want for Bush (and Condi) to make history in this way. The first black person, the first woman, the first single person in some time to hold the office of Vice President. It would break through conceptions on what a president or vice-president must be. That’s something that makes me smile every time I think about it.


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February 24, 2005

I’m sad.

Love of my life Vincent Gallo is playing a show tonight and I can’t go (because I’ll be working until late, because it’s sold-out and because I have plans with the girls).

Via Peter.

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Can’t say I saw that one coming.

Taiwan open to unification with China

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