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January 28, 2005

Where freedom is not on the march.

Brian’s Education Blog:

A German school official has ordered seven families homeschooling their children in Northwest Germany to enroll their children in public schools immediately, or the children will be forcibly removed by police and taken to school. Any resistance on the part of the parents will result in the children being removed from their homes, according to a Home School Legal Defense Association report.

I’d really like to homeschool my children. I realize it isn’t always a feasible option but I love that the option exists. Brian writes that Americans can contemplate this story with relative detachment but as he lives in Britain, ‘homeschoolers here must have in the back of their minds the thought that the EU might one day decide to “harmonise” the rules about homeschooling, and something tells me they probably wouldn’t harmonise them in such a way that Germans would be allowed to homeschool.’ Wacky.

Via The Hole.

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Nobody better touch my fitty

I’m getting a bunch of hits from people looking for rapper 50 Cent getting his hand cut off. Anyone hear anything about this or is this just one of those wacky internet rumors?

Update: Wacky internet rumor.

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Big Blogroll Update

I can’t update the actual blogroll until I get home tonight (opening my main index crashes my work computer for reasons unknown to me), but this post will serve as my reminder and you should check out these sites in the meantime:

Here, there and everywhere:

Herman Cain – there are few readers who don’t know my huge admiration for Mr. Cain. He now has a weekly radio show that you can listen to on his website. I have never met anyone that met Herman and walked away unimpressed.

Save The GOP- Also a Cain connection, this site was started by two Cain staffers, Alex Brunk and Mark Harris.


Ryan Sager- Just discovered him yesterday on the CPAC blogger list, and he writes about Wilco and other topics I find interesting.

Snoozy Politics- A guy at my job decided that the best first post on his new blog would be a criticism of blogging. Interesting, Mark.

Sexless In The City- A nice young lady I often see about town.


Mike Krempasky- I already link Red State but I like Mike’s infrequently updated home blog too.

David Kearns- a frequent commenter on Alarming News, I am intrigued by this Irish-American, Muslim anti-Democrat.

Out there in America:

Disintegrator- Also a recent discovery that I plan to be reading more of.

Grassroots Pennsylvania- Chris Lilik is the hardest working guy in Pennsylvania politics. This site has got everything PA.

Imp Leader- They have a Socialist Scot (I’m not going to make the ‘aren’t they all’ joke here, I’m just not) writing for them as well as some right-thinking people.

I know I’m still missing a lot of great blogs, I can’t possibly find them all. If you feel I’m missing yours, drop me a line in the comment section and I’ll try to catch up with you during my next update.

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Barbara Boxer has a diary entry over at Daily Kos. She thanks the Kos community and the blogosphere for its support of her and then writes this:

More than 94,000 Americans from across the country signed my petition and stood together to demand the truth from Condoleezza Rice. It was truly an overwhelming response — much more than I could have anticipated. You helped to get our message out to millions of Americans — I couldn’t have done it without you.

94,000 people? That’s it?!? That’s a speck on the landscape of America. Something like 120 million people voted in the last election. Look at this map:


It’s my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s got twice as many people as signed Boxer’s petition. That’s a tiny fraction of Brooklyn, a sliver of NYC and not even a dot when compared to all of America. Hell, it’s a third of Daily Kos’s daily traffic. Lest you think that’s average for an internet project, 9 million people signed Defend America’s letter to thank our soldiers.

What she is effectively admitting in her pride at this pathetic number of signatories, is that she knew she wasn’t following the will of the people. I realize that we send Senators as representatives of our individual states but Californians should be annoyed at the ridiculousness perpetrated in their name by Boxer. I know there are 12 others who joined her, but Boxer gets my direct criticism because she has used this confirmation process as a blatant fundraising/media extravaganza for herself. She cast a fictitious vote for fictitious reasons, as someone on Boxer’s side might say.

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Condescending is cool.

Via Wonkette:

Biden: “When we hugged, I whispered in her ear, ‘I’m telling you, Condi, don’t listen to them.’ She looked at me. I said, ‘Rumsfeld and Cheney. You gotta be tough.’”

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January 27, 2005

Quote of the Day

McCain is part of the McCain Party. That a Venn diagram of that and the Republican Party shows some overlap is not dispositive of his Party membership.

-Thomas on Red State.

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Jenna Bush and a murderous Norwegian Death Metal band?

Right here.

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‘Cause it sure sounds like that mean witch.

Did Dawn Summers write this headline?

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Herman Badillo endorses Mike Bloomberg for Re-election.

While not a total surprise, this still irked me because I had worked on Badillo’s race against Bloomberg 4 years ago. It was the first campaign I had worked on and it was also where I met….drumroll please….famous commenter Von Bek. Badillo had an uphill battle against billionaire Bloomberg, and we all knew it was unlikely he would win. I would understand the endorsement, if it had taken place four years ago before we all knew clearly how Bloomberg would govern. Oh well, it’s not the first time a politician disappoints me, and I’m certain it won’t be the last.

Via the gleeful Dawn Summers.

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A cautionary tale

When you’re feeling depressed about getting older, listening to Frank Sinatra’s ‘When I was 17′ will only make you feel much, much worse.

Update: ‘My Way’, on the other hand, can make you feel slightly better.

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A must-read takedown of Daily Kos and MYDD in Roll Call magazine over at Red State.

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But I do draw the line at thongs for children.

Go look at this photo (warning, it’s a little racy) and then come back.

Ok, let’s start with the most obvious fact about this dress, putting aside for a moment the age of the wearer: it’s really ugly.

As I’ve written before, my teenage years were pretty outrageous. I wore crazy clothes. My parents let me wear whatever I wanted and that’s what made me dress more reasonable. A well placed ‘Really? You think that looks good? Ok, suit yourself’ from my mother was worth more than any lecture about self worth or decency. So, while I recognize that 15 year old shouldn’t wear this, mocking would work better than lecturing. Just a thought.

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January 26, 2005

Guy, John Kerry lost.

Headline: Chirac proposes international tax to fight AIDS

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Democracy live.

Michael Totten is working on the Friends of Democracy website during the week before and the week after the January 30 election in Iraq. They have more than a dozen local Iraqi correspondents, at least one in each province, filing daily reports. It should be really interesting, so check it out.

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Only the best for our students

Man who referred to 9/11 victims as ‘little Eichmanns’ will headline a discussion at Hamilton College.

The best line in the story is this:

Hamilton College spokesman Michael DeBraggio said “to deny students the opportunity to encounter people outside the academic community is to fail to provide a liberal education.”

I have a feeling the students are getting a good enough liberal education right on campus.

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Via Bob M.

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Go, go, go.

Dorian Davis is a must read and his current post on Barack Obama is certainly no exception.

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Congratulations, Madam Secretary





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