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January 30, 2005

Free Iraq

I was with one of my good friends last night, sometimes commenter MKID. He’s a middle of the road kind of guy, hawkish of foreign policy though skeptical of the need for the Iraq war, and he wanted Kerry to win the election (though not bad enough to actually go vote). He’s decidedly not a Bush fan but he said something that I hear few Bush haters say: he wants the president to succeed in everything he does. He may not agree with Bush’s plans or policies, and he will voice his disagreement, but he wants America to do well, no matter who is president or what party is in the majority. He was hoping for the Iraqi elections to go well and for our purpose in Iraq to succeed.

Meanwhile, over on Daily Kos, the vitriolic left is gleeful over any setback. Violence is highlighted and rehighlighted. Kos weighs in with a timeless ‘This war is long past lost.’ How anyone could have watched the beautiful event that happened in Iraq today and not be touched is beyond me. Something amazing has happened in Iraq. People went to the polls to choose their own leadership for the first time in half a century. The days of there being one guy on the ballot are over. They control their own destiny. Is it going to be tough? Of course. But, what kind of animal do you have to be to hope for failure? These are the liberals of today? Wasn’t liberalism once tied to compassion and hope? Didn’t they once want freedom and justice and liberty for all? Does it not include Iraq just because George W. Bush wants the same thing? Doesn’t rooting against democracy in Iraq directly contradict liberal principles? Are there still any admirable principles left?


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Free Elections Fail to Materialize in Iraq

I’m a huge fan of free elections. I have fond memories of my childhood when we still had them here in the United States. And I’m very sad that—despite what the Bush regime and their lapdogs in the corporate-owned press

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You are “making” all this shit up from perceptions based on the words of a few wackos.
I know many, many people who think George Bush is making the world less safe, is a danger to this nation and the world and that the Iraq war was one of the stupidest decisions made by an American administration…but still want Iraq to succeed. We want peace in the Middle East. We want democracy in Iraq.
Sure, are we worried that success will embolden the neo-cons to start invading the rest of the world.
Are we going to continue to criticize the war and this administration’s absolutlely pitiful execution of it. Sure.
But that doesn’t mean we are not American and don’t want things to work out.
Karol, you can meet these people whenever you want…they probably comprise about 75% of the population of NYC that takes an active interest in following world politics (no idea what percentage of New Yorkers that is) so just walk out your door and start living in the real world, rather than characterizing all liberals in some Ann Coultereque way.

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