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November 28, 2004

Giving the people what they want

Ace has got a really good take on the inevitable ‘realignment’ conversation that is happening after the election. Is there a Republican-leaning realignment? Yes, but with conditions. Ace writes ‘If the Democrats have to produce a candidate as charismatic and skilled as Bill Clinton, plus a gangbusters economy and no major foreign policy threat known by the public in order to win an election, that means they’re not going to win too many elections in the future.’

I agree but worry about that ‘break from history’ syndrome that Peggy Noonan wrote of before the election. What if people get tired of the war on terror? What if they no longer want the alerts or updates? What if they can’t stomach the American loss of life anymore? I think that would lead to a major shift to the Democrats who, for better or worse, don’t seem to be all that engaged in the war on terror beyond criticizing Bush for it. And, now that the election is over and Bush is secure in his four more years, I can’t see them broaching the topic that often at all. What if people want that?

Read Ace’s whole post and check out Ruy Texeira’s Emerging Democratic Majority site which has been arguing for some time that there will be a realignment towards the Democrats and isn’t buying the new registration numbers. EDM is also still arguing that Bush doesn’t have a mandate because the polls show only a slight majority approve of him as president. But, of course, to use this phrase again: those polls and two dollars can get you on the subway. The only poll that matters, we were told again and again by liberal commentators when Kerry’s numbers were sagging, is on election day. And that poll gives Bush a clear majority of the votes, and thus a mandate.

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I can’t stop staring at this picture


Viktor Yushchenko in ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics. He is suffering from a mystery ailment. He says he is being poisoned by his opposition. His enemies say he’s just had some bad sushi.

That’s some seriously bad sushi.

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Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what the problem is with my other site Right Events? When I try to go on to it, the page won’t open and I get an odd clicking noise. I emailed blogger (where that site is hosted) but ever since google took them over it’s been near impossible to get any response. What could be causing it? I have republished the site twice now.

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More on marketing.

Michelle Malkin uses Venn diagrams to explain why a CBS book on Reagan might not fly.

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November 27, 2004

Problems at Columbia U.

Ari, who works in or near Columbia (the girl is still sort of anonymous, isn’t she?), was telling me the story of Columbia’s problems over drinks at the New Criterion happy hour last week but I just got around to reading about them myself today.

Things look pretty bad uptown, and seem to only be getting worse. Hamid Dabashi, chairman of the Middle East and Asian languages and cultures department, is on record saying that CNN should be held accountable for “war crimes” for one-sided coverage of Sept. 11, 2001. ‘He doubts the existence of Al Qaeda and questions the role of Osama Bin Laden in the attacks’ of 9/11.

Several other professors are noted in the story with some other outrageous comments. But hey, as long as they’re just anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic, right? Right.

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Marketing 101

Oliver Willis, one of the always seething liberal bloggers like Atrios and Daily Kos, came up with an idea to rebrand the Democrats and ’sell’ them to regular people.

Then, Republicans came up with some of their own suggestions for Democratic rebranding.

Dawn Summers lamented a few months ago how the right, especially online, is funnier. These posters are just more proof.

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November 26, 2004

A little New York story.

The scene: My upper east side building. My brother, Ronnie, is picking me up to take me to Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn. We are waiting for the elevator on my floor. FYI, Jamaica, Queens isn’t exactly Fifth Avenue in terms of somewhere to shop. Rapper 50 Cent hails from Jamaica.

Ronnie: Oh, I have such a crazy story for you about shopping for jerseys in Jamaica, Queens.
Me: What happened?

Just then, the doors to the elevator open. A woman wheeling an empty wheelchair is inside. The wheelchair is big and bulky and she positions it and repositions it to get us in the car and allow the doors to close.

Me: So, what happened?
Ronnie: Nice day we’re having. Sunny.
Me: So….
Ronnie: I hear it’s going to rain this afternoon, though.

Elevator doors open in the lobby. We get out and my brother holds the door for the woman with the wheelchair.

Ronnie: That, Karol, is elevator conversation. What I’m about to tell you is not.

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Perfect day-after-Thanksgiving soundtrack


‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ by Wilco.

What are you listening to today?

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Maybe we should be more like France.

Send this link to every friend who is ‘concerned’ about the Patriot Act and thinks we need to be more like France.

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November 25, 2004

Blogroll Update

I have a soft spot for those New York right-leaning bloggers. Here are some new discoveries:

Ether Pundit

GOP and the City

Ellis Blog

Yankee from Mississippi

New Yorkish

Exit Zero

Kevin McCullough

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I’m thankful for our men and women serving around the world.


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There were no WMD. There were no WMD. There were no WMD.

Iraq Troops Find Chemical Lab in Fallujah

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November 24, 2004


‘Whoever came up with those magnetic ‘I support our troops’ ribbons for cars was a genius.’

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Don’t mess with Jess.

Some people just post the photos of smiling Iraqi kids and consider their work done. Not New Vintage, she’s got an eye out for possible hooligans: ‘Do you notice the little boy on the bottom right? How nice does that boy look? And the one of the bottom left is a trouble maker. You can just tell.’

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Being thankful

More than any other holiday, I love Thanksgiving. I like the idea of sitting around with your family, eating good food and giving thanks for what you have. Here’s my shortlist (if you’re doing one on your site, feel free to link to it in my comment section):

1. My family- My best friend in the world is my brother. He is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met (Dawn Summers says that two of the top five funniest things she’s ever seen/heard came from him) and I trust him in a way I can’t imagine trusting anyone else. I mean, he’s my brother, he’s stuck with me no matter what I say or do. My mom is pure kindness and amazing to us. She and my father split up a few years ago and she really held everything together, made sure we stayed a family, made sure things changed as little as possible. She took care of my father’s mother until she died, and kept my brother and me feeling that ‘family’ feeling, despite our already small family being smaller than ever, it being just the three of us now.

As for extended family, Peter is such a great force in my life. He treats me amazingly and provides stability in my often crazy life. He’s funny and quirky, interesting and interested. I also love his whole family. They’re like something out of a movie. On both sides, they’re mostly police officers, firemen, military, and teachers. It’s so impressive to see people so dedicated to public service. And, they’ve been incredible to me since day one. His brother and mom, a Navy man and retired cop respectively, have always been above and beyond nice to me. I just really like them and am thankful for that.

2. America- the only thing I put above my country is my family. As readers of this site know, I was born in the Soviet Union. I am thankful every single day that my parents brought me to this amazing country, that I have lived in freedom every day of my adult life, and that I got to grow up in the most incredible country on earth. I have travelled a lot, and I have fallen in love with other countries. But, America is it for me. I love the people, in both the red and blue states, and I love the history, the culture, the attitude. I love the cowboys, the Gucci queens, the Brooklyn homeboys, the soccer moms and everything in between. I love the confidence of Americans. I love the determination and the collective will. And, more than anything else, I love the freedom. I love that my family never had to worry about being Jewish again. They left behind those worries in Russia. They came here, began new lives, were able to be whoever they wanted to be and were never again held back because of their religion. America is pure magic to people suffering with tyranny and hardship. America is promise of a better world.

3. My friends- I’ve got the best friends in the world. Whether it’s my Russians (and the extended family of non-Russians they’ve adopted) in Brooklyn, the girls on the Upper East side, the people I’ve met through the NY political scene or working on campaigns, the ones across the pond in Scotland, the readers I’ve never met but have formed bonds with, the ones I’ve known since high school and just can’t shake, and all the other beautiful people I’ve picked up along the way, I have it made when it comes to friends. I’m blessed, I really am. I’ve had very few situations in my life where I’ve had to end friendships, I can think of only two off the top of my head. I’ve mostly made good choices and I’m proud of that.

I know these aren’t earth-shattering things to be thankful for, I’m sure most lists look much the same as mine. I just like taking the time during this holiday to give thanks for the things I appreciate.

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My hero Herman Cain has a great piece in Human Events magazine about the ridiculous Kyoto treaty and the one-sided ‘debate’ our media is having on the issue. A great read.

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