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October 29, 2004

Just when I thought it couldn’t get more disgusting.

We got a call into Republican headquarters today that was just out of this world. The woman that called, sounding very shaken, has a son in Iraq. This morning she got a call and someone said ‘your son has been killed in Iraq.’ This was followed by a long pause and then ‘these are the words we’ll all be hearing more often if George Bush is re-elected.’

Update: Just so I’m clear, these calls are hoaxes and the fact that this woman has a son in Iraq is a coincidence.

Another Update: Here’s a newspaper article that mentions calls like these (via Greedy Girl).

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Fall Classic (By Guest Blogger Peter)


As if I didn’t dislike him already. Predictably, John Kerry is latching on to Manny Ortez and the Boston Red Sox, trying to siphon whatever life he can out of their historic win into his own campaign. The Man With No Shame was bounding around the country Thursday, proclaiming the Red Sox to be “America’s Team.” This is certainly news to Angels, Yankees, and Cardinals (is Missouri a swing state?) fans who had their hearts broken this month by the hated Sox.

In an apparent case of the SF Chronicle imitiating the Onion, a Kerry spokesman even tried to blame George Bush for something, somehow. Says David Wade, “Sox fans know that if George Bush had his way, the `Curse of the Bambino’ would be alive and well. George Bush was the only owner to vote against creating the wild card for baseball playoffs.”
He is, of course, referring to that disastrous decision made by Major League Baseball back in 1993 (when George Bush owned the Texas Rangers) which lead to the creation of the Central Divisions, Division Series, and wild card teams.

Kerry shouldn’t get too excited about a Boston win, though, as history shows us that the World Series does a pretty decent job at predicting presidential elections. In years when the American League team wins, so does the Republican candidate; likewise, the Democrat tends to win following a National League victory. Mind you, this is strictly correlational and has no basis in scientific proof, but it was 100% accurate from 1952 through 1976. If you factor in all the World Series played in election years (1908-2000), it still works about 60% of the time.

Maybe some good can come out of the Red Sox win after all.

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Kerry will definitely see the Iraq mission through.

How do we know? Because Andrew Sullivan will make sure of it.

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Quote of the Day.

I will ask the question I always ask, and tire of asking: Why, oh why, are black Americans never offended by such suits, such claims? Oh, how I long to hear, “How dare you. How dare you say that basic voting requirements somehow disadvantage blacks more than other Americans. What do you think we are, stupid? You think we can’t show I.D.? You think we can’t punch a ballot? How dare you!”

White-liberal racism — or racialism — is one of the most ignored, and maddening, phenomena of our time.

-Jay Nordlinger on a lawsuit by Democrats in Florida alleging a conspiracy to disenfranchise black voters (by making them follow the same procedures as everyone else).

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See you at one of them soon.

The November list of political happenings in NY is now up over on my NYC Events page.

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Good, go.

I’ve written before about the stupid proclamation people make that if their guy doesn’t win on Tuesday, they’re moving to another country. Seriously, I just wish they’re all not lying.

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Try to contain your excitement

I finally fixed all the links on my ‘About Me’ page.

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October 28, 2004

And we laughed at her

I owe Lisa an apology, and at least one person owes her dinner.

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Teddy Ruxpin!

I’m having a really, really hectic day. I imagine this will be the norm as the election approaches. If you’re having the same kind of day, take 5 minutes and watch this video. It’s the result of Protein Wisdom, INDC Journal and the Daily Recycler teaming up and it’s just hilarious.

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Stop these people.

The Ace of Spades went to one of my favorite NYC political gatherings yesterday and has a full report. A must-read.

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So, whose fault is it that the mainstream media made a big mess of the missing explosives story?

Why, bloggers, of course!

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Quote of the Day

‘That they had to fly in doctors to treat him in a makeshift clinic underscores how, after 50 years of UN relief and billions in European investment, there are no Palestinian institutions. Not even decent hospitals for its supreme leader.’

-Belmont Club on Yassir Arafat.

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Conservativism seems to have an unstoppable urge to shoot itself square in the toe. Evidence that certain quarters of conservativism have completely lost their way:


If a ‘conservative’ case can be made for each of those candidates, and I have read all of the wacky cases presented, conservativism has ceased to exist as a movement. I understand being principled. I have followed mine as best I could, working for candidates who didn’t win, but who I believed in with my whole heart. I understand wanting to follow your philosophy more than you follow a party. And, I understand the urge to be better than those partisans around you. But that cover, it is not what Reagan intended for us. It is a weakness. It is a surrender. It is a muddling of our political purpose and the worst fragmentation of our movement.

Another picture:


That’s us, people. Whether your key issue is lower taxes, social conservativism, a strong defense, or any other conservative principle, it will be best addressed through the Republican party. And you know it. It may not be perfect. But the alternative isn’t even close.

I’m saying this as a Third-Party voter. My graduate thesis was on Third Parties. This will be my first presidential election in which I am voting for the candidate of one of the two major parties. I’m saying: stop it. Stop with the splintering. Stop with the exaggerated principles that will lead to the election of a president, or of other candidates, who match none of yours, instead of some of them. Stop reading the incomprehensible ‘American Conservative’. Stop telling me your theories on what good will come to conservatives if Kerry is elected, about how he’ll be an unpopular one term president who will force conservatives to become exactly as you’d like them to be again. It’s not going to happen. Eight years of Clinton led to a squeaker by Bush. Four years, maybe eight, of Kerry will only succeed in moving the country leftward. Stop living in a dream world, where even Reagan wouldn’t be the perfect conservative who would earn your vote. Stop letting those little slivers of blue control what becomes of our country. Stop and think. And then vote for Bush.

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It’s close

I can’t decide what’s funnier on tv tonight: the unbelieveable ‘Vote or Die’ episode of South Park or Charlie Rose interviewing Jay Z, using the word ‘author’ to describe him, and playing a montage of his videos before the interview, few that don’t include the word ‘pimp’ in there somewhere (’I'm a pimp by blood, not by relation’, ‘big pimping, we spendin g’s’, etc.).

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Spot the subtle right-wing bias on this all music site.

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The unpolled

Will Amish for Bush make a difference in PA?

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October 27, 2004

Terrorist, murderer, killer will do

I’m with Michelle, I can’t wait to see how the press will eulogize Arafat. If the words ’statesman’ is mentioned even once….

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