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October 31, 2004

The left is losing it.

How do I know? Just today, two fabulous, well-thought out emails, both from people in NY and both to my email address associated with my other site. I don’t need to let people know that any and all hatemail may be printed, right?

Subject: may bush burn in hell for the lives he’s taken in iraq

women, children and our own young men and women.

Subject: you should be ashamed

A vote for bush is a vote for facism, why wont the republican admiistration of New York give 1st responders a fair raise,exploit 9-11 all you want,we all know the truth

I am ashamed. I am shamed that I have to share a city with these lunatics.

Posted by Karol at 06:20 PM |

I love people like this because they make life so interesting. However, I wish they weren’t voters.

Posted by: Dorian at October 31, 2004 at 6:35 pm

I can’t imagine what kind of nut you have to be to email someone randomly with this crap. I understand if they read my site, hated me, and decided to tell me so. But, to look at my events site, which merely tells Republicans what’s going on around the city, and grow so enraged that we even exist to email me (and for two different people to do it!!!) is beyond my comprehension.

Posted by: Karol at October 31, 2004 at 6:40 pm

And the right is sounding more and more desperate every day.
Wanna borrow my broom?

Posted by: Shawn at October 31, 2004 at 7:26 pm

Here is a better message:
“Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, said those women were warned that Taliban remnants would attack polling places during the Oct. 9 elections. So the women performed the ritual bathing and said the prayers of those facing death. Then, rising at 3 a.m., they trekked an hour to wait in line for the polls to open at 7 a.m. In the province of Kunar an explosion 100 meters from a long line of waiting voters did not cause anyone to leave the line.”
Kerry and the left have spit in the face of these women who risked their lives to vote.
Karol, The work you are doing will bring the same joy of freedom to the women of Iraq. God bless you for all you have done to bring freedom to oppressed women in the world.

Posted by: Jake at October 31, 2004 at 7:51 pm

Yeah. Fuck Kerry. He’s like a camel, spitting on Afghanis all willy-nilly. With all his polemics about hating democracy in Afghanistan, I can’t believe Kerry’s even showing in the polls.
(Seriously Jake–where do you get the stuff to fill in the space in your posts?)

Posted by: Andrew at October 31, 2004 at 8:04 pm

Sorry Karol that another left-wing lunatic wants to fuck Kerry or a camel, I am not sure which.

Posted by: Jake at October 31, 2004 at 8:35 pm

Zing! Now c’mon and answer the question Jake–how do you get off saying John Kerry spit on any Afghani voters? I know you have a sense of decency in there somewhere, so you must have a plausible explanation.

Posted by: Andrew at October 31, 2004 at 8:42 pm

The lack is not one of a plausible explaination, it is a lack of an intelligiable recipient.
If a person is interested enough in the election to be browsing a blog for the opposing side, yet cannot see when John Kerry and/or his campaign threw mud at Afghani’s and Iraqi’s, then it is quite safe to say that an explanation would be wasted if stated.
Why would anyone feed cherries to a pig?

Posted by: Jordan at October 31, 2004 at 10:11 pm

So in other words, you don’t have an explanation either.

Posted by: Shawn at October 31, 2004 at 11:50 pm

It’s good to see that in the interest of balance, you provide a forum for right wing nuts too. God Bless You Karol.

Posted by: Urbane McMeercat at November 1, 2004 at 5:52 am

Yes, compared to Kerry and the left, Bush and I are right wing nuts because we believe:
Muslim women shouldn

Posted by: Jake at November 1, 2004 at 11:13 am

Talking of nuts spewing forth filth on this site, what ever happened to Radical Redneck?

Posted by: Graeme at November 1, 2004 at 11:16 am

I still wan’t to hear where Kerry disagreed with you vis a vis Afghanistan. I want to see the leap of logic that goes from Kerry criticizing Bush for rushing into an underplanned war in Iraq to Kerry not wanting Afghanistan to be freed from the al-Qaeda-supporting Taliban and given a democracy. I know you can do it.

Posted by: Andrew at November 1, 2004 at 11:43 am

You know, Karol, I’d think twice before debasing the Kerry campaign and “the left” as much as you do. I mean, if you are correct about what a bunch of nutjobs they all are, and what a shitty campaign they’re running, what does it say about your guy that the election is so close?

Posted by: Rick Blaine at November 1, 2004 at 11:51 am

I’ve been felching donkey’s down in New Mexico.
Course, it’s not really RR here, but just my little tribute.

Posted by: Radical Redneck at November 2, 2004 at 8:33 am
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