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September 28, 2004

Where are the factcheckers?

In the now infamous article about bloggers in the NY Times magazine, the writer of the piece notes that Josh Marshall compared Bush ‘to Tony Soprano torching his friend’s sporting-goods store for the sake of a little extra cash.’ Actually, as any Sopranos watcher knows, it was his friend’s restaurant that was torched for extra cash. The sporting-goods store was bankrupted because its owner bet over his head with Tony.

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I can not believe my eyes.

It’s one thing for a candidate to make wacko demands of his opponent to end ‘negative’ advertising when things get tense during an election. It’s quite another for a candidate who spent the Spring daring Bush to ‘Bring. It. On.’ to make that same type of appeal.

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September 27, 2004

I just like to point and laugh at people wearing Kerry gear.

‘Some of my friends have told me that they want to rip buttons off of shirts or rip off T-shirts of people — especially gay New Yorkers — who sport anything pro-Bush.’ -Editorial in Blade, a gay newspaper in NY.

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I’m the poorest I’ve ever been, campaign work pays little, so if you’ve ever been tempted to hit my Paypal button, now’s a good time.

UPDATE: Thank you Ace of Spades!

And Dawn Eden!

And Shawn!

And music-expert Gary!

And Jake!

And Jim and Jessica!

And Michael C.!

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Be there.

The two guys that took Jessica and me on a late-night trip to Wal-mart in Dallas, have now launched their site, The Rightway TV. It’s still kind of newish but go take a look around. They’re going to be showing films and interviews from the Dallas festival.

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Well, it’s official.

I leave for Colorado on Friday to work for Pete Coors.

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I wonder how often this happens and doesn’t make the news?

Bomb Alert Prompts Greek Plane to Land in London

I hadn’t heard about this until my brother called me and told me our father was on that flight. He’s safe and back in NY.

UPDATE: Oops, the flight has not landed yet in NY.

UPDATE: It has now landed safely in NY.

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Minor but telling.

BOTW recently had a whole brouhaha over whether more people that voted for Gore in 2000 were going to choose Bush, or whether more Bush 2000 voters were going to go for Kerry. Most of the evidence presented was anecdotal, in the form of emails from people that were switching. So here’s some more anecdotal evidence, from the free market: there are five auctions happening on ebay for items that read ‘Republicans for Kerry’, none of them have any bids. There is one auction for ‘Democrats for Bush’ and it has a bidder.

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Ooooh I want one.

The Commissar goes commercial.

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September 26, 2004

Let Freedom Reign!

Don’t tell me Iraq isn’t forcing a freedom domino effect: Greenland looks to US in quest for independence.

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Politics Pause.

Though I adore every song on ‘Grace’, my favorite two Jeff Buckley songs are his cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘If you see her, say hello’ and an unreleased song called ‘Forget Her’, neither on his only full-length cd. It was interesting to find the video for ‘Forget Her’ on the Jeff Buckley website. I strongly recommend you watch it. The song is so beautiful and the images in the video made me wish that Jeff Buckley hadn’t died so young, leaving us all without his music.

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I don’t get them.

A Gallup poll shows the disparity of concern on certain issues between Bush and Kerry voters. Some examples:

42 percent of Kerry supporters named the economy their top issue, versus 20 percent of Bush supporters.

Health care was named the top issue by 23 percent of Kerry supporters, compared with just 9 percent of Bush supporters.

The war in Iraq was the closest issue, named by 25 percent of Kerry supporters as their top concern, versus 15 percent of Bush supporters.

But this is the one that blew me away:

Terrorism, meanwhile, was named the top issue by 52 percent of Bush supporters, versus just 8 percent of Kerry supporters.

I’ve written before that that is going to be the deciding factor in this election. If 9/11 shook you, if you remain shook and if you understand that a terrorist attack with also affect the economy, hello, then you’re probably voting for Bush.

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Donate to the RNC, get your photo with hotties.

The RNC is having a Young Professionals fundraiser this Wednesday on John Kerry’s home turf, Boston. If you’d like to go, click here. If you donate or raise $2000 you get a photo with the Bush twins. You can put me down as your host in the last entry on the page, although I probably won’t be making it to Boston to collect on the pic with the girls.

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Random Snopes Surfing

I was looking for information on a rumor that Sean Connery once said that sometimes women need to be slapped (I don’t believe he said it, but I didn’t find anything one way or another), I came across a friend of mine in a Snopes story. I think that’s kind of cool.

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From Mark Steyn:

On Thursday, President Bush held a press conference at the Rose Garden with Allawi. You know the way these things go. The Norwegian prime minister happens to be visiting Washington and they hold a joint press conference and Norwegian issues aren’t terribly pressing at the moment so the press guys ask Bush about prescription drug plans for seniors and increased education funding while the visitor from Oslo stands there like a wallflower at the prom. But Iraq’s the No. 1 issue in American right now, and they’ve got the go-to guy right in front of them, and what do the blow-dried poseurs of the networks ask:

”Mr. President, John Kerry is accusing you of colossal failures of judgment in Iraq . . .”

NBC guy: ”A central theme of your campaign is that America is safer because of the invasion of Iraq. Can you understand why Americans may not believe you?”

CNN: ”Sir, I’d like you to answer Senator Kerry and other critics who accuse you of hypocrisy or opportunism . . .”

They’re six feet from Iraq’s head of government and they’ve got not a question for him. They’ve got no interest in Iraq except insofar as they can use the issue to depress sufficient numbers of swing voters in Florida and Ohio.

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September 25, 2004

NY Times a liberal cocoon?

Get outta town.

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Shawn at Samsara Days points out a Guardian review of the American Film Renaissance Festival that Jessica and I attended in Dallas a few weeks ago. As you can probably guess, they hated it. Proof of overwhelming bias? The article mentions the Ann Coulter movie but fails to mention the two movies shown with it, the Protest Warrior movie beforehand and Evan Coyne Maloney’s awesome ‘Brainwashing 101′ afterward. Why? The first movie in the 3-pack was about leftist insanity while protesting while the last one was about leftist insanity on campus. Only the Ann Coulter film had anything for the critics to actually target, she being the lightning rod that she is. The mainstream media (or, MSM as everyone has been calling it lately) will always show what it considers the worst elements of any conservative endeavor. Reason number 9 million to love the blogosphere.

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