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September 29, 2004

Start putting together the greeting committee.

Margaret ‘I loathe America’ Drabble is coming to America to hawk her book. She’s going to be at the Barnes&Noble on 82nd & Broadway in New York on October 28th. I hope she gets the welcome she deserves.

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Convo with everyone’s favorite liberal

Dawn Summers: Ok, there’s only one message Kerry needs to get across tomorrow.
Me: ‘I’m not Bush?’
Dawn Summers: Yep
Me: You guys have tried that already. You should try something else. You should try him having some ideas different from Bush.
Dawn Summers: No, that might discourage people from voting for him.
Me: Yeah, that’s called having principles, look into it.
Dawn Summers: I have principles, but John Kerry doesn’t and we have to make that work for him.

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Let law-abiding citizens own guns.

If a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality, what is a libertarian who has sort-of been mugged? Angry, that’s what.

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Most perfect John Kerry ad

Right here.

Via Blogs for Bush.

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I wish he would just be straight about it.

Andrew Sullivan has lost it over gay marriage. Like I’ve said in the past, I don’t necessarily blame him as it’s his key issue. He compares two ads, one against Marilyn Musgrave, and one against John Kerry and calls them both ‘over the top’.

Marilyn Musgrave is a Republican Congresswoman running for re-election in Colorado. The ad against her has her sneaking up on a soldier, in a warzone complete with shooting and fires, and pickpocketing him. It’s so over the top that it can only hurt the not-too-bright 527 running the ad.

The ad against John Kerry, however, merely states Kerry’s actions on gay marriage. It notes that he signed a letter supporting gay marriage in Massachusetts and that he voted against the Defense of Marriage Act. Whatever you think of gay marriage, the group Americans United to Protect Marriage is only noting what John Kerry has done on this one issue.

The fact that Andrew Sullivan can compare the demonization of Musgrave to a plain statement of the facts on Kerry shows how he is unable to see clearly when the issue of gay marriage is involved.

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Is it Ali G or the Saudi street?

‘So my country can be free’.

Via Allah.

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September 28, 2004

Random Observation

Ray and Debra’s relationship on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ is the nightmare example of married life. Discuss.

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Blogging has jumped the shark.

George Soros will launch his blog this week.

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Disturbing, if true.

Italy reportedly paid 1 million dollars to free the two Simonas, the two aid workers that were held hostage in Iraq. Silvio Berlusconi denies any such payment.

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Paul McCartney’s Wife on Britain’s use of landmines.

The only thing I like better than a model with opinions, is a model with opinions who is best known for marrying a rock star.

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Memo to WP: there are more than 10 blogs out there.

The Washington Post Blogs Readers Choice Awards suck, and no, it’s not just because this site isn’t included.

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I’m starting to suspect Theresa Heinz Kerry wants Bush to win.

Maybe she feels like she’s doing a solid for her first dead husband?

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Punk’d, MNF style.

Did y’all see that football player in the tutu during Monday Night Football yesterday? What is wrong with that guy?

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Has Moore endorsed Kerry?

One of my favorite moments in the film ‘Michael Moore Hates America’ was clips of Michael Moore supporting different losing candidates over the years like Jerry Brown, Ralph Nader and Wesley Clark. He always does it with such gusto, which makes it all the more amusing when they go down in loser history. Recently, Moore released one of his ‘open letters’ telling Democrats to not get dispirited and to definitely not believe the polls. I’m not a big fan of polls either, but Moore’s points on why the polls are wrong are silly. Moore writes:

The polls are wrong. They are all over the map like diarrhea. On Friday, one poll had Bush 13 points ahead — and another poll had them both tied. There are three reasons why the polls are b.s.: One, they are polling “likely voters.” “Likely” means those who have consistently voted in the past few elections. So that cuts out young people who are voting for the first time and a ton of non-voters who are definitely going to vote in THIS election. Second, they are not polling people who use their cell phone as their primary phone. Again, that means they are not talking to young people. Finally, most of the polls are weighted with too many Republicans, as pollster John Zogby revealed last week. You are being snookered if you believe any of these polls.

First of all, the best polls do poll likely voters. The inaccurate ones poll registered voters and are proven wrong when only likely voters show up on election day. Likely voters are -shock- most likely to actually vote.

But, forget that. Let’s go to Moore’s other point, that young people were going to come out en masse for Kerry. The numbers: Washington Post is reporting that registered voters aged 18-30 are choosing Bush over Kerry, 53-41%. Moore can’t claim that they’re just polling likely voters, and his cell phone idea would only account for a couple of percentage points. Also, as James Taranto points out, ‘Yet another interesting finding of both the Post/ABC and Gallup polls: President Bush does better among registered voters than among the smaller group of likely voters. Gallup has Bush up by 8% among likely voters (52% to 44%) and 13% among registered voters (54% to 41%). Post/ABC has Bush up by 6% among likely voters (51% to 45%) and 7% among registered voters (51% to 44%).’

I’m not saying it’s over, still a month left to go and anything can happen, just that I’m looking forward to Michael Moore’s official endorsement of John Kerry to make the loss a certainty. He hasn’t been right about anything yet.

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The man does not know funny.

I feel like this article, about Kerry using ‘humor’ to win votes, could have been written as satire by Jeff Goldstein. But, no, it’s an AP piece about the hilarity that is Kerry. An example:

Even while speaking on the very serious topic of Iraq (news – web sites) last week at New York University, Kerry made the audience laugh six times at President Bush (news – web sites)’s expense. Most of the guffaws came when Kerry stated Bush administration positions in a tone that suggested they were the height of ridiculousness.

Kerry said the occupation of Iraq is riddled with problems, “yet today, President Bush tells us that he would do everything all over again, the same way.” Kerry paused for affect before asking sarcastically, “How can he possibly be serious?”

Well, they’re right, I am laughing my head off.

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Debate Party

A few people have asked me if I’m doing anything, party-wise, before I leave on Friday. I probably won’t have time to throw something together, so I’m inviting everyone to come watch the first presidential debate with me on Thursday at San Marcos Bar and Restaurant, 12 St. Marks Place (between 2nd & 3rd Avenues) at 8pm. The debate-watching is going to be hosted by the NY Young Republican Club and Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century, so both Republicans and Democrats can feel comfortable attending. It’s $5 for non-Members, free for members of either club.

If you can’t make it downtown, there are two other debate-watching parties going on, one of the UES and one in Brooklyn. Check out my other site for more info.

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That’ll teach her to complain.

From BOTW:

Great Moments in Socialized Medicine

A British doctor has killed a critic of the country’s government-run medical system, reports the Sunday Telegraph:

A critic of declining standards in the National Health Service died after being given a large overdose of iron by a hospital doctor who did not read the instructions on the drug’s label properly.

Carys Pugh, 63, a former president of a patients’ association in Wales, was taken to casualty at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital after the blunder turned her skin brown and “saturated” her liver with iron.

While she fought for survival in hospital for seven weeks, Mrs Pugh suffered a heart attack and contracted deep vein thrombosis in both legs, a chest infection and then E.coli. Finally, she suffered a second heart attack that killed her.

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