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August 30, 2004

Just don’t get it.

The Washington Post has fallen for the whole Communists for Kerry thing.

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Who let this guy in here?

Al Franken.jpg

Or, this one?

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Let’s get it on.

My first convention related post is up at Dean Esmay’s site. I’ll be posting here too, so do check in on both sites.

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Dawn Summers was whining in my ear recently ‘I soooo don’t want Bush to win, please let John Kerry win, you guys have everything, the House, Senate and Presidency, we have nothing, pleassssssssssssssssse.’

So, I asked you all what I asked her (though she did not answer): if your guy, whether its Bush or Kerry, was to win this November, and the sacrifice you had to make was that the other party definitely won the presidency in ‘08, would you do it?

My answer, by the way, is that I would.

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August 29, 2004


I’ve had a looooooong day. Our flight was supposed to depart O’Hare for Newark airport at 2:15pm. At 2:45pm, we were informed that our flight was cancelled due to mechanical trouble and we would be rerouted onto a 4pm flight to LaGuardia. Peter and I would no longer be sitting together and instead would both be in middle seats, 11 rows apart. Great. Oh, AND O’Hare doesn’t have wireless access.

We board the plane and it starts what looks to be its trip toward the runway. Just then, the pilot comes on and tells us that no planes are allowed to land at any New York airport and that he’ll give us more information as he has it. He comes back on in an hour and tells us he has no new information. Dean Esmay calls and I tell him the news. The stewardess passes by and tells us that someone in First Class heard from someone in NY that Dick Cheney has just flown in and that is the reason for the grounded flights. Another 1/2 hour after that, the pilot comes on and says that there is weather trouble but that we’re going to be leaving shortly. Several people are vocally suspicious, about the reason for our delay that is. Even after we land, having had a very turbulent flight in which the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign stayed on the whole time, several people voiced their firm belief that it’s the RNC causing all this trouble and that the weather is just fine. Is there a condition (other than Leftism) that breeds this kind of conspiracy minded thinking? Why is reality so hard to come by for these people?

Got to NY, finally, at around 7pm. Waited for our bag for over an hour only to discover it was still in Chicago.

Now, I’m going to go for a walk with Ari, forget this day ever happened and look eagerly forward to tomorrow and this amazing experience I and my city are about to have.

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I love Protest Warrior


Via Ken Wheaton’s excellent photo blog of today’s protests.

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Dawn Eden (that’s the good Dawn, not the bad Dawn) doesn’t need her choice for president to ‘understand’ her ala Dr. Phil. I hate the whole idea of women’s issues (since, as I’ve written before, they seem to revolve around having sex and making babies), but I can’t imagine looking for understanding from the president on well, having sex and making babies.

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August 28, 2004

Christian hating is a-ok

The anti-convention is beginning to pick up steam. I went to Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn for the “March For Women’s Lives” sponsored by Planned Parenthood. It basically started like pretty much everything else of this type, with some speeches and music. This part was mostly inoffensive except for one of the chants, which went “racist sexist anti-gay! Born again Christians GO AWAYYYYYYYYY!!!”


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Dog bites man is not news

Yet, this is a top headline: Michael Moore lashes out at Bush in letter.

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One less blogger.

INDC Journal has had a family emergency and will not be blogging the convention. Please join me in wishing Bill all the best and that whatever it is will be ok.

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I know you’re sick of McGreevey, but……

….here is a good question I have yet to see asked.

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Pro-abortion protestors make no sense

“I demand and cherish that right,” said Sara Breman, 22, a student from Austin, Texas. “Under Bush that right is being threatened through their way of teaching sexual education — by teaching abstinence.”

I’m going to a wedding later today so I don’t want to get all worked up again about abstinence teaching but can someone explain to me how teaching abstinence in any way blocks someone’s abortion ‘rights’?

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Live from NY

Check out RNC Bloggers, a compilation of posts from all accredited convention bloggers.

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Party v. Beliefs.

Michael Crowley of the New Republic, writing in Slate, predictably takes Zell Miller to task for breaking ranks with the Democrats and supporting George W. Bush. I do understand the anger of Democrats at Zell, all the while understanding why Zell is doing what he is doing. I would be mad as well, if a prominent person in my party decided to support the other party’s candidate. On the other hand, beliefs should matter more than party affiliation and Zell holds some firm beliefs. Party or no party, he’s sticking to them. I get that.

I know I’ve written on this before but I am much more interested and involved in the conservative movement that I am with the Republican party. I would much rather hear Wayne LaPierre speak than Ed Gillespie (and not just because Mr. LaPierre makes me want to quit my dayjob and go fight the erosion of the First and Second Amendments with him). My party decided that lax immigration was a good thing. I raged that they were wrong. My party’s leader gave the richest segment of the population another entitlement program. I simmered with anger. What I’m trying to say is that, ultimately, parties are meaningless. They’re just a way for people to know something about the candidate without actually knowing anything about the candidate. Party loyalty should only extend as far as your main issues. This will be my first time voting Republican in a presidential election (I’ve always voted Third Party otherwise) and that’s because my main issue is terrorism and I feel the representative from the party, that would be George W. Bush, is better equipped to deal with terrorism than his opponent. If my main issue was fighting entitlement programs or immigration, I would probably cast a Third Party vote again. I don’t support ‘Republicans’ like Arlen Specter, despite the (R) next to his name. If I live in Pennsylvania, the Constitution Party candidate would certainly get my vote.

Crowley’s anger at Zell is misplaced. His thesis is that Bush is a divider and that the Republicans use Zell as evidence that it’s the Democratic party that has left the mainstream. That would be a convenient jab in Zell’s eye if it wasn’t fact that there are other Democrats gravitating towards Bush. Off the top of my head, I know that former NYC mayor Ed Koch is a Bush fan and St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly is openly supporting Bush as well. Both of these men are Democrats. I also recently saw a poll that said 15% of Democrats are voting for Bush. I know some of these Democrats personally.

Ultimately, people need to decide for themselves if partisanship trumps ideology. For Zell Miller, it does not. And I respect him for it.

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I’m scared.

Flying out of Newark airport tonight, I saw some incompetence among the security personnel that I feel might be pretty typical. I put my bag through the scanner and as it left my sight, the guard said ‘everyone please take your laptops out of your bags and place them separately in the machine’. I told him ‘my laptop is in my bag going through the machine right now’. He said ‘it’s ok, don’t worry about it.’ So, I didn’t worry about it. I grabbed my bag and, as we were running very late, headed briskly to the gate. About 2 minutes later, I realized I was missing Peter, who I assumed was right behind me. I headed back toward security only to find him explaining to the guard that he did not have a laptop in his bag, though the guard had a firm belief otherwise. Finally, we realize that it was my laptop that has the guard all aflutter. I removed the laptop and ran it again through the machine.

Now, mind you, I was gone. Had I not been with Peter, I wouldn’t have returned to security. And the mystery laptop might never have been found. I don’t know exactly why removing the laptop from its bag is a helpful thing to the guards, and this question is really not my point anyway. It’s nearly 3 years after 9/11 and I still get the impression that security at airports is lax at best, downright comical and dangerous at worst. The only difference is that now the security personnel are government employees and unlikely to ever be fired. Great.

Our hotel, on the other hand, won’t even let you into the lobby without showing your room key, and they’re serious about it. It’s not a good sign when a hotel in Chicago has better security than a New York area airport.

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Just a thought.

Memo to the liberal media: perhaps listen to the convention speeches that will be happening this week before writing about them.

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August 27, 2004


I got my first ad request (coincidentally from my favorite group). Hopefully it will be up soon.

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