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August 31, 2004

Around town

I headed over to the ‘Big Tent’ pro-choice Republican party tonight. Outside the party were several pro-life protestors:

pro-life 1.jpg

pro-life 2.jpg

I didn’t make the same mistake I made on the first day, assuming they were Republicans, though some said that they were. They said that they are generally not political, just completely pro-life. Then, one of the women volunteered something interesting. They were also against the death penalty. Dawn Summers thinks she’s sooooo clever when she hears the term ‘pro-life’. She always asks ‘oh so they’re against the death penalty?’ That’s right, Dawn, they are. They are also against war except in the cases of when it would prevent more bloodshed. I found all this very fascinating.

Inside the event were several well known liberal Republicans:

Arlen Specter:


Christie Todd Whitman:


Lincoln Chafee


Bill Weld:


Here’s something I saw there that I had never seen before:


As I left the event, I saw more pro-life protestors and a few pro-choice protestors.

pro-life 3.jpg

pro-choice 1.jpg

Then, I saw one of the pro-choicers and a pro-lifer hug and promise to see each other later. I’ve been so used to the mentality of protestors being utter hatred for the other side, that I was amazed. Here is a photo, pro-lifer on the right, pro-choicer on the left:


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What I saw in and around a Republican pro-choice party.

Posted by: Dean's World at August 31, 2004 at 11:02 pm

Nice post. Interesting about prolifers.

Posted by: Jake at September 1, 2004 at 12:00 am

Choose Life . . . Or Something Like It

Karol discusses the pro-life element at the RNC, and the pro-choicers there as well. And the fact that they weren’t always at each other’s throats. Mandatory reading: this will be covered in your final exam….

Posted by: Little Miss Attila at September 1, 2004 at 3:52 am

It is soo good to wee Bill Weld in the Grand Ol Party again. Now THERE is a Republican I could actually consider voting for if it weren’t for the puppet strings attached by the GOP (and I say this having worked like crazy for Kerry’s 96′ Senate Race). You poor man, you should be in Mexico by now!
Seeing him makes me realize similarities between Kerry’s obsticles here and in the 96′ Senate race. Mind that there can only be so much similarity between a Senate race in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts (is there a NASCAR vote in MA?) and and a National presidential race (Yee hah!). Yet, in 96′ like now Kerry was seemingly down in the polls coming into September and the public perception of him was “wishy washy” to say the least. Then too he couldn’t get people to really warm to him. While Weld, like Bush, is someone you want to have a beer with in the back yard BBQ, Kerry is more like the odd-ball uncle, who is very sweet and brilliant, but who you don’t really understand.
Weld did brilliant things (”Stunts” if you will) in 96 to boost him upward in the polls. He jumped into the Charles River to argue that the environment was getting cleaner under his gubenatorial leadership and ripped toll booths down to show how the state economy was improving. This forced Kerry to fight. Kerry returned with “Yeah, he’s a good governor, keep him there!” It worked. Yet, I’m concerned. What the hell is he going to do here? What counters Bush’s “Stunts” (ie: Coming to NYC for his convention where the best moment of his presidency was spent on a bull horn and dangerously swooping into Daytona with Air Force One). For Kerry, there needs to be more than resting on the polorizing force of G.W.B. It is analogous to the day that odd-ball uncle drank a few beers in the back yard and was cool.
I hope that the RNC shin-dig in New York and recent polls invigorates Kerry to be more than “not Bush.” He has it in him somewhere to be “cool”, he’s trying and there is a lot of anti-bush sentiment, even within the Republican base, that is just dying for an alternative. Will there be a large “pro-Kerry” vote here? Or, an anti-bush vote? He needs to do better with the “Pro-Kerry” then in 96′.
Beyond that, I have mixed feelings about the acts of protest by myself and many of my left leaning brotheren being characterized as “radicalism.” Yes, we’re radical. Thank god! Yet, such characterization, while in my mind a beautiful thing when done peacefully yet visably, has undoubtedly gotten a bad rap over the years by those who cannot distinguish healthy dissent from the “radicalism” of terror. Perhaps we need a new word.
Oh yeah, this was originally about Bill Weld. :-) .. As Neil Young says: “Good to see you again my friend.”

Posted by: Toby at September 1, 2004 at 9:31 am

Parties centered around the abortion debate.

Yesterday I went to a pro-choice party and today I attended a pro-life one. The mos…

Posted by: Dean's World at September 1, 2004 at 4:19 pm

Odd that some of the NY lefties want to tell Republicans to get out of their town. They wanted our love when it came to rebuilding their city.
Thank heaven most New Yorkers aren’t so hostile. While we may have a difference of opinion, in the main they were very very hospitable and welcoming. I just got back and particularly want to thank the NY Cops (what hotties!), hospitality industry folks at the hotels and taxi drivers for their warm welcome.

Posted by: irishlass at September 4, 2004 at 3:17 pm

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