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August 31, 2004

Around town

I headed over to the ‘Big Tent’ pro-choice Republican party tonight. Outside the party were several pro-life protestors:

pro-life 1.jpg

pro-life 2.jpg

I didn’t make the same mistake I made on the first day, assuming they were Republicans, though some said that they were. They said that they are generally not political, just completely pro-life. Then, one of the women volunteered something interesting. They were also against the death penalty. Dawn Summers thinks she’s sooooo clever when she hears the term ‘pro-life’. She always asks ‘oh so they’re against the death penalty?’ That’s right, Dawn, they are. They are also against war except in the cases of when it would prevent more bloodshed. I found all this very fascinating.

Inside the event were several well known liberal Republicans:

Arlen Specter:


Christie Todd Whitman:


Lincoln Chafee


Bill Weld:


Here’s something I saw there that I had never seen before:


As I left the event, I saw more pro-life protestors and a few pro-choice protestors.

pro-life 3.jpg

pro-choice 1.jpg

Then, I saw one of the pro-choicers and a pro-lifer hug and promise to see each other later. I’ve been so used to the mentality of protestors being utter hatred for the other side, that I was amazed. Here is a photo, pro-lifer on the right, pro-choicer on the left:


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Sorry, just accidentally deleted my ripping into Salon post (I was trying to delete a draft post and hit the wrong one) and now have to head to the floor to hear Arnold.

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Me: “Are you counting on Arlen Specter to be a more conservative Senator this time around with your support?’
Rick Santorum: ‘No.’

This one is for Mark, Chris and Rachel who all worked so hard on the Pat Toomey campaign only to watch their other Senator (and, to be fair, the president) sell them out:

Click the pic for the video Santorum.jpg.

UPDATE: An explanation of why I asked Santorum what I did is here.

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Yet another technological question.

Anyone know anything about uploading big video files, or if there is a site that condenses them or hosts them or something. I’ve got something good to show y’all (though my really good one-question interview with Al Franken somehow got deleted) but when I try to upload it, the message reads ‘the file is too large’.

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Yet another event I’m sorry I missed

The Young Curmudgeon has the goods on a great conservative book panel yesterday.

UPDATE: Part two on the book panel and also a post on the National Review party.

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Law&Order Honey

I love Law&Order but I never realized just how beautiful Angie Harmon was until last night when she was on stage at the convention. She was seriously glowing. Protein Wisdom has the perfect observation on her gorgeousness.

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I’m an embarrassment to bi-lingual people everywhere.

Sitting in ‘blogger’s corner’ yesterday, I heard two guys speaking Russian behind me. I turned around and asked them where they were from. It turned out that they were filming for a Russian television station and were interviewing bloggers. They asked if they could interview me. I said ok. Then they asked if I could do it in Russian. Uh, ok. I had just finished telling Roger Simon that my Russian is ancient, I talk the way a grandmother would talk. I use no slang and my Russian is extremely proper.

So, I did the interview. I think I did pretty badly, though the two guys were so nice and told me I did well. There are words I just don’t know in Russian like ‘links’ or ‘hits’ or ‘taxes’, so my sentences would be like ‘mneh nee nravitsa, uh, taxes’ (I don’t like taxes). I’m comforted by the fact that the interview will only be shown in Russia. I should really never speak Russian again.

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Technical Question

Does anyone have any idea how to upload video from dv to my harddrive?

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Enough with the politics, it’s after 1am

And on to my second favorite topic, Vincent Gallo.

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Can’t be everywhere

I’m sorry that I missed Club for Growth’s first event and not just because Herman Cain was there.

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Quote of the Day

‘Call me a dreamer, but I’m hoping that at some point before we go to the polls, we can get this campaign past the Vietnam era to at least, say, the late ’70s. For example, as a voter, I want to know whether Sen. Kerry or President Bush was in any way involved in disco; and, if so, was it a casual involvement, or did they actually wear shirts with giant collars and do the Hustle.’

-Dave Barry

Via Ken Wheaton.

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August 30, 2004

Who let this guy in here? Part II.

Alan Colmes.jpg

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Finally, a great line.

Oooooh McCain just put the smack down on Michael Moore, who is sitting right there. I take back my earlier snotty comment.

‘It was a choice between war and a graver threat. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not our critics abroad. Not our political opponents. And certainly not a disingenious film maker who would have us believe that Saddam’s Iraq was an oasis of peace when in fact it was a place of indescribably cruelty, torture chambers, mass graves, and prisons that destroyed the lives of the small children held inside their walls.’

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Class Act

Air America.jpg

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I mean, seriously.

How many times can McCain mention his ‘friends in the Democratic party.’ Who was his counterpart at the Democratic National Convention, noting how the Republicans also want what is best for the country and mentioning their friends in the Republican party?

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More on the party from 4 days ago

When she’s not being crazy, Dawn Summers cracks me the hell up.

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I love this.

I went to the excellent National Review party tonight with my girls Lisa (btw, go wish her a happy birthday) and Jessica. It was insane. The place was wall to wall packed. I ran into my polling teacher from grad school. He was one of my favorite teachers and I’m not just saying that because I gave him the URL of my site. Though a Democrat, he was rocking a National Review hat and a satirical pin that said ‘Kerry is #1 (liberal in the Senate)’. It turns out he is friends with not only Rich Lowry but also queen of the New York rightwing party scene, Alexandra Preate.

Most of the convention bloggers were in attendance as was Evan (who is showing a film at the conservative film festival in Dallas that I’ll be attending in Sept.), Oschisms, Eric, Judith, Mary, Kevin, Michael.

I love the convention being in my city. All the regular rightwing events are on steroids, with more people than ever and a great vibe. I had my doubts about the convention being in the city, I thought that the protestors would be a downer but its been so great, the protestors are like crazy cousins who you tolerate but all the good times happen without them.

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