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July 18, 2004


Pro-Palestinian British journalists? I can not believe it.

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People fishing?

Is this a new hoax for James Taranto to expose?

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Shocker. British white people don’t have a lot of black friends.

90% of whites have few or no black friends

I guess the 6 or so black people in Britain (yes, I’m exaggerating, don’t email me the stats, please) aren’t able to befriend the millions of white people.

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A picture of Kerry’s black power salute

Courtesy of Brainwash:

the salute.bmp

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You haven’t lived until…(a continuing series about life in Georgia)

….you’re a Jew in a car at 8:30am in Eastpoint, Georgia and a Catholic gets into an argument with two Baptists over whether or not Catholics are going to hell. Apparently, Catholics are hardly considered Christian by the rest of the Christ-loving contingency. Who knew?

(For the record, there is no debate over whether or not Jews are going to hell. We’re toast.)

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Party Invite

Dawn Summers has invited the world to her birthday party (even though her birthday was like 3 weeks ago). I guess that means you.

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July 17, 2004

Smearing Cain

I know politics is ugly so I’m not surprised that Herman Cain’s two opponents are pulling out all the stops in the weekend before the primary. Johnny Isakson’s strategy is to mislead with ridiculous accusations. Mac Collins, who Robert Novak wrote ‘continues to run a race more fit for county sheriff than for U.S. Senate’, is hoping to point out to all Georgians that Herman is black (Black! Can you believe it!) and hope that sways them. For a great takedown of the attacks of both Isakson and Collins, check out today’s political insider in the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Political Diary. The AJC is no fan of Herman, in fact they’ve endorsed Isakson, so you can count on them being realistic about the smear campaign.

People don’t attack those that they don’t fear. The example I always use is that during the Republican mayoral primary of 2000 in NYC, Mike Bloomberg did not attack Herman Badillo. The billionaire was not threatened by Badillo’s small campaign chest and limited support.

Go Cain.

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You to boss: I quit

Boss to you: No.

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July 16, 2004

Another quick blogroll update

Rachel May- a cutie, smart 19-year old I’m working with on the campaign. She may or may not be trying to convert me to Southern Baptism. Go over and say hello.

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Anyone else notice that Yahoo email is now called Y Mail? That sounds familiar.

On a totally different (but equally random) note: My ex-boyfriend, who was from Ohio, was always fascinated that I said ‘on line’ instead of ‘in line’. After reading a language book by Bill Bryson, I learned it was just New Yorkers who said ‘on line’. Well, I have a new one. Does the rest of the country say ‘on accident’ instead of ‘by accident’ or is it just Georgia?

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More on Jadakiss PR Move

Yay, I’m finally famous! All I had to do was imply Bush knocked down the towers:

“It caught the ear of white America,” he said proudly during a phone interview with The Associated Press. “It’s a good thing. No matter what you do, somebody’s not going to like it, but for the most part, most people love the song.”

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More Cain

Woooooooo, thanks Rush!

In other news, I’ve added Southern Appeal and the new Red State blog to my blogroll.

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It’s a tough call.

Daily Lunch asks if Kerry’s black power clenched fist salute photo is ‘more deeply insulting to black people or white people.’

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5 Months For Martha

Martha on her way to the penitentiary. But it’s Federal, so I don’t think it will be too bad. I wonder to which prison she will be assigned. I’m familiar with this one (I only visited, don’t get excited), it’s pretty good and only 6 hours away from NYC.

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Blogroll Update

I always love find rightwing NYC bloggers. The Contrarian Blog is the newest of these on my blogroll.

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July 15, 2004

Why am I never in NYC when the cool stuff happens?

Acting President of the Rockaway Republicans, Thomas Lynch, announced today that a special party for President George W. Bush which will be hosted by his organization at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club, 127-07 Beach Channel Drive in Rockaway, Queens, on the evening of Thursday, July 15th, will feature Sopranos star Tony Sirico as a special guest speaker. Sirico, who plays “Paulie Walnuts” on the hit HBO television series, will discuss his strong support for President Bush and correct previously misleading media coverage that, some feel, has mischaracterized his views.

Other cool events can be found on my other site.

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Go Cain Go!

I love, love, love Southern Appeal. They’ve made my afternoon.

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