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July 31, 2004


Good Question.

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It’s finally happened to me.

John Kerry has given me hope:
Kerry’s four-point “bounce” is the smallest in the history of the NEWSWEEK poll.

Update: Reuters spins the weak four point bounce as ’solid’ and the article is complete with a photo of a guy in the very common ‘Republicans for Kerry’ t-shirt. That’s right, Kerry’s solidly leading in the polls and Republicans are coming over to his side in droves, lured by the hope of the presidential candidate and his grinning sidekick. Sometimes, you gotta love the liberal media.

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Dawn’s Birthday Season can now officially come to a close

Last night was the end of the birthday ’season’ of the esteemed Dawn Summers. Some thoughts:

1. Bloggers outnumbered civilians by a lot. Peter, Ari, Jessica, Lisa, Scott, Oschisms, Ivan, and Asphnxma helped celebrate. I also hear Yaron was there but left by the time I got there.

2. Dawn Summers was DRUNK but will never admit it. Dawn has led a very sheltered life. She did not try alcohol until she was 21, not because her mother cared if she did, mind you, but because it was illegal. Since then, she has gone out of her way to prove that she can drink and drink and not get tipsy. Her knowledge of what being drunk is comes mostly, it seems, from after school specials where people get completely out of control, are unable to speak or think at all and are a hazard to themselves and others. She kept saying ‘ask me anything’ to prove that she was sober. Except that it came out ‘asthk meh anythung’ followed by prolonged giggles.

3. My present to Dawn is to take her shopping and buy her a new outfit. After seeing what she was wearing last night (think, mother of 3 on her big night out), it should happen sooner rather than later.

4. Dawn’s friends have gotten progressively better. All through high school she was friends with the dorkiest (and not in a cute way) group of people ever to walk the earth. The one she was closest with had a full beard (at 16) and wore two different color shoes every day. He was cited some years later, during college, for stalking a young lady. The other winner she spent a lot of time with despised himself and used that as an excuse to be nasty to others. He too (coincidence!!) was cited for stalking in college. Twice, actually. The rest of her crew were a collection of D&D playing misfits who didn’t like themselves or each other. Her friends now are funny and confident and even Asphnxma, who was mean to me in Dawn’s comment section yesterday, was nice and friendly.

5. I toasted to Dawn that she should be happy that she is 29 but looks 12. May you always keep your youthful appearance, Dawn, and that wild laugh too (but seriously, the outfits have got to go).

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Quote of the Day

‘It may well be true that, as a number of pundits have claimed, Kerry gave the best goddamned speech of his career last night. But that’s a little like saying Yoko Ono’s latest CD is her best-ever’

-Nick Gillespie.

Read the whole thing.

Via Instapundit.

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July 30, 2004

I can’t take it anymore

Can someone walk me through how to install MT Blacklist, please?

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Is anyone who reads this page going to the birthday celebration of Dawn Summers tonight? You do know she invited the whole world, right?

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Sundays, 10pm HBO

Has anyone seen that show ‘Entourage’? I swear it’s secretly about my Brooklyn friends even though the characters hail from Queens.

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July 29, 2004


If I kill Peter because he’s been playing unbearable Cambodian music all day, do you think I’ll get convicted?

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What, now?

Ken Wheaton writes that John Kerry was anti-war before he went to Vietnam. That’s a little bizarre, no?

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What liberal media?

Ron Reagan defends stem cell research

Some in GOP wince over Ron Reagan’s planned speech

So, Ron Reagan hurled one final spit in his father’s eye and spoke at the DNC convention. Forget for a second that, as Ross Mackenzie writes in, Ron ‘is not a well-known ethicist or medical researcher. He will be there just to stick it to the GOP and Bush’. Ron taking center stage on this issue gives the impression that the entire Reagan clan in behind it. Funny then that I only learned of Michael Reagan’s firm opposition to Stem Cell Research from one line in the last issue of National Review. A google news search for “Michael Reagan”+”Stem Cell Research” produces 51 hits. The same search substituting the name Michael for Ron, produces 1170 hits.

UPDATE: So, Ron Reagan is just deeply concerned about stem cell research, huh?

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Best Email

I have a friend who isn’t very into politics but always wants to know about different issues and the various candidates positions on them. He was shook up by Michael Moore’s movie and he always asks me if I really don’t think Bush went to war for oil. But today, I got an email from him with the subject ‘election’ and the words ‘I think Edwards sold me….on Bush!’ inside. Interesting. And here I thought Edwards was the only real draw towards Kerry. I have at least one friend who hyperventilates at the sight of young-looking John while she semi-despised the older-looking John before.

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On a similar note from yesterday

Last night I sat on my balcony and played Hold ‘Em with my brother Ronnie (named after Reagan), his friend James (named after Carter, no I’m not kidding), and occasional Spot On commenters Frank White (who gave me a lovely poker chip set), MDone, Majestor Ludi and Pheeleepok. And while I love my girls, it’s equally nice to spend some time with my boys.

I was thinking about setting up a Hold ‘Em night for NYC bloggers. Who’s in?

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July 28, 2004

So Cute

I love Slice NY, the website about pizza in NYC, and they’ve got a new site devoted to teaching GOP convention tourists all about NY pizza. It includes history and ettiquette and would be useful to any tourist visiting our fair city.

Via Gothamist.

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How did I miss this?

NY Times Public Editor admits that the Times is a liberal newspaper.


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Why do liberals love abortion?

Being pro-choice is one thing, this is quite another. Just one of the lovely things you can get at the Planned Parenthood store.

Via Sevnstrng.

UPDATE: Dawn Eden has more on the shirt and its gaining popularity.

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Not treating them like our pets.

I keep hearing people say that Bush is going to do very poorly among American Muslims in November because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m sorry, this makes no sense to me. Bush treats Muslims like they are capable of self rule, that they’re not unready for Democracy, that they are entitled to certain rights by G-d. American Muslims disliking Bush would be like Russian immigrants hating Ronald Reagan for being too hard on the Soviets in the 80’s. I don’t get it.

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If you’re lucky….

…’ll someday get to sit, drink wine and play hold ‘em with Jessica, Ari and Lisa. You’ll wake up a little hungover and a lot fulfilled. I had missed my girls.

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