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June 28, 2004

Another bright idea by Jesse Jackson

Abolish the electoral college? Sure, mob rule sounds good to me. Those middle states don’t count anyway. Let NY and California choose every president from here on in.

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Happy Birthday Free Iraq…..

Happy Birthday to you.

Iraq Handover Pic.jpg

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On a totally unrelated note

I despise the new layout of yahoo. What were they thinking?

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How to tell when you’re trying too hard

Rule #1: Don’t kill anyone to make people like you.

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June 27, 2004


Do you enjoy any particular talking heads despite disagreeing with everything they say? My favorite of these is Jim Pinkerton from the NY Newsday. I catch him now on Fox News Watch but I first saw him speak during a panel at AFF in DC and I didn’t agree with a single word he said but also couldn’t stop listening or look away.

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You see what you want to see

From Andrew Sullivan’s Inside Dish email:

Then there’s Kerry. I can see more and more evidence that his campaign is gaining traction – and the coming month should prove it. But what of the candidate himself? Hasn’t he been largely on the sidelines of national attention for months? Yep – and that’s partly the explanation. There’s an interesting parallel to Kerry’s stealth-bore campaign in the primaries. Bush is now filling Dean’s role – sucking up the media oxygen, polarizing the public – while Kerry quietly raises money and rises in the polls. This could all change, of course. But right now, I don’t see how the Bush campaign can radically shift the dynamic.

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June 26, 2004

Be back soon.

Sorry for the lack of posting, leaving for Georgia shortly. Next time I blog will be from Atlanta.

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June 25, 2004


‘Wow, my firm is paying for us to go see Fahrenheit 9/11′
-Dawn Summers, an attorney at one of NYC’s top law firms.

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Yesterday, I went to my last New York rightwing event for awhile. A lot of people came up to me and said ‘I love your blog, it’s so essential.’ Ivan said ‘wow, a lot of people read your blog here’. ‘Yeah’, I said, ‘but it’s not the one you think.’ They were all complimenting me on my other blog, the one for NYC Republicans that lists all the events happening around the city.

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June 24, 2004

‘You don’t have to fall in love….’

I just got the New Republic’s new online edition. It’s titled ‘The case against Bush, part one’. I’m just wondering, did I miss the one titled ‘The case for Kerry’? I don’t seem to remember reading that one.

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Book Recommendation

I’m currently reading ‘Presidential Leadership: Rating the Best and the Worst in the White House’ Edited by BOTW’s James Taranto and the Federalist Society’s Leonard Leo. I’m reviewing it for Townhall and am really liking it so far. Today’s BOTW features the Bill Clinton chapter of the book, which I’m actually not up to yet. It’s a star-studded group of writers rating the presidents, like Peggy Noonan, Robert Bartley, Theodore Olson, Kenneth Starr, Victor Davis Hanson and many others. The funniest moment for me was reading the review of William Henry Harrison’s one month presidency and really enjoying it only to realize that I should’ve recognized the writing style: it’s Glenn Reynold’s from Instapundit. My full review should be done soon (and, of course, I’ll link to it then) but for now, I really recommend this book.

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This never works out well.

I came back from living in Scotland in 1996 and, to my horror, my American best friend had developed a large group of Russian friends. Being Russian myself, I had long gone out of my way to avoid Versace-wearing, stock-brokering fellow immigrants from the former Soviet states (hence the American best friend). I fell totally in love with these particular Russians but, at first, I found some of them very odd. Like B who said ‘I plan to be engaged by December.’ ‘Oh’ said commitment-phobic me who thought only the truly deranged would ever want to get married, ‘how long have you been with your boyfriend?’ ‘I don’t have a boyfriend’ she said. It was July.

It’s now 8 years later. B is still not married. She does, however, have a boyfriend now so the chance is much greater that she will, indeed, be engaged by a December sometime in the future.

I was reminded of B’s proclamations when I was sent this site. An attractive woman named Blaire plans to be engaged by December. She does not yet have the boyfriend and she is seeking your help to find him. Blaire seems nice and successful (though these pics have got to go) but she doesn’t know the old Russian superstition: if you predict it, it won’t come true. George W. Bush is not a lock, I will not exclaim ‘wow, no traffic’ on an empty highway and I am not lucky. I think this girl will find a nice guy but she’s got to drop the set date thing. Fate will only tease her by making sure it doesn’t happen by then.

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The google curse

Poor Scott at Right Moment. If you do a google search for ‘thirteen year old JoJo pics’ you not only get his site in the top ten results but the summary reads:

‘… Watch the Berg Video, view the Johnson pics and then think of the same people … JoJo
JoJo JoJo! … I’ve got rape right here….a thirteen year old Sudanese girl. … ‘

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It took me like 5 minutes to stop laughing

A Glasgow University study found that the BBC favors Israel in its reporting.

Stop it, my side is hurting.

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The company you keep

Passing by the movie theatre on 11th street and Third Avenue on my way to a party tonight, I saw that there were two people holding a banner that said ‘911 was an inside job’ and a guy in the obligatory Bush mask.

Meanwhile, top Dems welcome ‘Fahrenheit’ to Nation’s Capital:

‘Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe said he thought the film would play an important role in this election year.

“This movie raises a lot of the issues that Americans are talking about, that George Bush has been asleep at the switch since he’s been president,” McAuliffe said as he walked the red carpet into the premiere.

Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa implored all Americans to see the film: “It’s important for the American people to understand what has gone on before, what led us to this point, and to see it sort of in this unvarnished presentation by Michael Moore.”‘

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June 23, 2004

Wait, haven’t we tried this already?

N. Korea offered incentives to scrap nukes

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I don’t know what to make of this.

Amnesty for people who are thinking of becoming terrorists?

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah on Wednesday reached out to Islamic militants operating in the desert kingdom, offering them limited amnesty if they turned themselves in within the next month.

Abdullah said on national television that those who cooperated would not face the death penalty and would be prosecuted only if they had hurt others.

“We are opening the door of amnesty … to everyone who deviated from the path of right and committed a crime in the name of religion, which is in fact a corruption on earth,” he said, reading a statement on behalf of his half-brother, King Fahd.

The offer was open to anyone who had not yet been “arrested for carrying out terrorist acts,” Abdullah added, but “we swear by God that nothing will prevent us from striking with our full might” those who do not surrender themselves.

Via Cut On The Bias.

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