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May 26, 2004

Woooooo go us.

Study: Immigrants outlive U.S.-born residents

Of course the very fact that I woooooed means I’m going to walk outside and get hit by a bus.

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What is with me and rap this past year?

Is it so wrong that I’ve been loving this song, ‘I’m so into you’, by a guy named Fabolous who misspells his own ‘name’? Other than, as my brother noted, that it was ‘a hot song last summer‘?

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An ad on hotmail linked to this article and asked if Poker is becoming ‘America’s next major sport?’ I don’t know about sport but it’s definitely becoming something of a thing. Even Dawn Summers is playing. Many friends of mine have various games going on during the week. Texas Hold-Em No Limit, Texas Hold-Em Tournament, etc. On Monday evening, after a great dinner at Sahara Restaurant on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, it was back to my parent’s house for some poker (I won!). I guess I was still feeling like I wanted to play because last night, for my first time ever, I played poker online. I lost. There’s something about reading the reactions of the players that is missing in the online experience. That doesn’t mean I probably won’t try it again.

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Yet another reason I wish I lived in DC

My friend Shanna has started a personal chef service in the DC area. The photos on her site make me hungry and I think back to the incredible truffles she sent me for my birthday last year. Check out her site and think about ordering her services. I wish she was still in NY.

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When did Madonna get so cheesy?

And then she sang John Lennon’s “Imagine,” accompanied by a video of sick and injured children from around the world.


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May 25, 2004

More on the last Sopranos

Slate has mob experts dissecting the show. One predicts:

Anyway, the bear is coming back; I feel it. Though maybe the ducks will come back, too. And the Russian. The Russian’s coming back, too. One possible plot improvement last night: The Russian—who, you will remember, was almost Christopher’s victim—should have emerged from the woods and tackled Silvio just as he was getting ready to shoot Adriana. Then they could have moved together to Minsk, which would mean that Drea de Matteo wouldn’t have to join the cast of Joey.

OK, so maybe it’s not a great plot improvement. But I miss Adriana. Not so much that I’m going to watch Joey, but I miss her all the same.

I think bringing back the Russian would be corny and I hope Sopranos doesn’t go there. I realize he ran off into the woods and the story never officially ended but it’s lesser shows that have gimmic-y character recurrences like that and I expect better from Sopranos.

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I don’t know how I missed it but Gib notes the latest Pew survey on the political leanings of the media. Sit down for this: turns out, the media is much more liberal than the general population. I know. I was stunned too.

At national organizations (which includes print, TV and radio), the numbers break down like this: 34% liberal, 7% conservative. At local outlets: 23% liberal, 12% conservative. At Web sites: 27% call themselves liberals, 13% conservatives.

This contrasts with the self-assessment of the general public: 20% liberal, 33% conservative.

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Thinking of working for a conservative organization?

If you’re a college student, don’t count on your teachers giving you recommendations to achieve that goal.

Via Wizbang.

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Too bad

I was really fascinated by the story of a woman riding her motorbike around Chernobyl. Now, via Annika, I learn that it is probably not true.

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Carnival of the Vanities 88

Welcome to Spot On and this week’s Carnival of the Vanities. I am your hostess, Karol. You can read all about me here. I usually write about politics but indie rock and the Sopranos, among other things, make appearances. Please stay and take a look around.

I wanted to put the posts in categories but found few recurring topics. It just goes to show exactly how diverse the blogosphere is these days.

Clarified writes that America is a little of this and a little of that. As usual, she’s about half right.

Solomonia thinks lack of communication between the US and the radical Muslim world is not the problem. We understand each other just fine.

There are few things that piss me off more than people comparing America to Soviet Russia (since I was born in Soviet Russia for those of you visiting this page for the first time). But Russians in Russia comparing America to Soviet Russia? That’s just too rich for me. Blogo Slovo has the story.

I regularly worship at Protein Wisdom’s alter. Who else can make revised poetry this good?

Gleeful Extremist has the story on the cicada invasion turning previously vegetarian squirrels into carnivores.

The Lee Room says it loud and says it proud: New York is still here, suckas, and we’re better than ever.

Irreconcilable Musings says no to constitutionally-protected socialism in Kansas.

Spare change has a ‘top five’ game. This week’s subject is top 5 hair band power ballads. The possibilities seem endless.

Brian Dunn writes that the US media will never support the Iraq war and it’s important to remember that when thinking about the war.

D-42 examines the female breast.

Interested Participant doesn’t like Australians dissing American football and he’s got a challenge for them.

Zero Tolerance notes an outrageous story of a kid getting suspended for an 8 inch bat that was in his locked trunk.

The New York Young Republican Club staged a protest against the ‘Day After Tomorrow’ movie. Scott at Slantpoint has the story and photos.

Snooze Button Dreams had a bad toilet experience and felt like sharing.

Wicked Thoughts has a psychiatric diagnosis of A.A. Milne’s Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh.

Dissecting Leftism writes that leftist thinking is not idealistic.

Greenie Watch says that oil is not a fossil fuel.

Ann’s Fuse Box wonders about cause and effect in terms of drop off of marriage rates and religion in Scandanavia.

Semi-Intelligent Thoughts wishes people would take responsibility for their actions.

Last One Speaks wonders why American prison abuses are ignored, especially in the wake of Abu Ghraib.

Political Correctness Watch is unhappy about gays putting the squeeze on those who don’t agree with them.

Graham Lester defines ’staying the course’ in Iraq and details what he’d like to see happen.

Undercaffeinated has me wondering about reasons outside of politics that got Michael Moore the prize at Cannes.

In the only case, I believe, of someone submitting someone else’s post, Dave Tepper points out Dirty Word’s funny post on the cicadas.

Incite wonders if conservatives should stay aligned with the Republican party. I know at least two of my regular readers are going to enjoy this post.

The Road to Surfdom has no time for people who say our torture is not as bad as their torture.

Useful Fools writes that Dan Rather is a brand, no more, no less.

What happens when an anti-war leftist dares question the shady people behind ANSWER? Nothing good, writes Considerettes.

Dean’s World examines the world of drug paraphernalia and the arrests that result from the fight against it.

Tim Worstall wonders about the reprecussions of gay marriage on those with undetermined gender.

Baby Troll Blog has an allegiance oath suggestion and some words for those that don’t want to take it.

Andrew Ian Dodge has a round up of, what he calls, ROPMA. I’ll let you figure out what that stands for all on your own.

Quibbles and Bits thinks reality tv is ugly…and he likes it that way.

Candied Ginger has an informative post on emergency contraception. Oschisms has the rebuttal.

Intellectualize just wanted to have a ‘reasoned, dispassionate discussion of the issues’ though he ‘wasn’t expecting to change minds, and no one was going to change’ his.

Country Girl notes that milk is more expensive than gasoline. Where are the subsidies and talk of legislation for that, she wonders.

The Calico Cat examines the culture of Washington in relation to the Washingtonienne story.

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May 24, 2004

And this woman might be First Lady

Theresa Heinz Kerry:

Americans, she says, are preoccupied with numbers. Then comes a remark you can’t imagine from anyone else in public life: “It’s like if you don’t have a size 48 bust you’re not sexy; if you’re not 24 you’re not attractive. It’s so limiting and uninteresting.”

Via Swamp City.

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Gang arrests in New Jersey

Who knew there were Bloods and Crips in the land of Bon Jovi.

Via Spot On reader Mike D.

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Don’t read if you haven’t seen last night’s Sopranos:

So, Adriana huh?

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My brother’s school is not as liberal as I thought

Drudge: Commencement speaker nearly booed off stage for anti-Bush rant.

A lot of parents thought, rightly, that a commencement was not the place to air you’re political views. A sociology professor, (I’ve always wondered: what can one do with a sociology degree other than teach it? Does it have any practical application at all? I’m not just being snarky, I really want to know) calling the parents bad role models, shockingly disagreed: ‘I thought this was a totally appropriate place to talk about politics because that’s the world our students are entering,’ said sociology professor Cynthia Bogard. ‘I only wish their parents had provided them a better role model.’ Totally.

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May 23, 2004

Too much on Moore lately, but….

….this is the headline of the day.

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A must read.

It was hard to decide what to excerpt in this phenomenal, long piece on Eject! Eject! Eject! (here is part one, here is part two, but I settled on these three and added a fourth to my sidebar:

‘Finally, consider this: Muslims are angrily at war with Buddhists in East Asia. Muslims are at enraged with Animists in Africa. Of course, none of this approaches the sheer hatred that Muslims bear towards Hindus in the South Asia peninsula. And this foaming hatred blanches compared to the white-hot fury Muslims feel to the Christian American Crusaders. And this fury is but a candle to the incandescent, boiling, supernova of murder they feel toward the Jews.

Does anyone beside me detect a pattern here? You know, my Dad told me once, “Bill, if more than three people in your life are utter, total assholes, then maybe it’s you.”

I am not a religious person. I do not have a horse in this race. But everywhere I turn in the world today, I see Radical Islam — and not the United States — at war with everybody. And I have no choice but to conclude that this is not a blip or a hiccup. It is a growing threat. And it needs to be met head-on. Right now.

Have I slandered 1.5 billion people? I don’t know. Have I? I speak of Radical Islam. I speak of people determined to kill and terrorize to impose their religion on the rest of the world. If you are a Muslim who is against these practices, you have my respect and admiration. And, as with all other religions in the United States, I will as passionately defend your right to practice your faith in harmony and goodwill as I attack those who may carry the Crescent far, far away from your peaceful and devout beliefs. But I will not pretend I do not see and hear what I see and hear every single day, just because you may not like to hear it. That is not something I or millions of my countrymen will submit to. Accept, or at the very least, understand that right now. I say this for both our sakes.’


‘Those who would have you doubt America and the West want you to believe that there are many legitimate grievances that Islamists have against us. They argue that they are only acting against American and Western aggression, colonization and arrogance. So it’s all our fault and if we’d just come home and mind our own business everything would be dandy.

Unfortunately, when you actually listen to the Islamists talk about their “grievances” (hey, Reuters! These “quotes” really do perform as advertised!), they will start at the Crusades and work their way forward, in no particular order. Sadly for those who want you to believe they hate us for what we do rather than who we are, Uncle Sam was not at that fight – a fact that might be apparent had their historical knowledge predated 1968. Americans were not only quite spectacularly underrepresented at the Crusades…we in fact do not make much of a dent on the Islamist bloody roll-call until the middle 1970’s. Before then it was the Franks and the Spanish and the English and just about everyone else.

Why are these people still seething about things that happened a thousand years ago?

Well, because it’s been that long since Islam was a dominant force in the world. It’s like watching a Red Sox fan pining for the days of the Babe and the lost glory of that 1918 season.

The truly remarkable, astonishing and galling issue here is that while the multi-culturalists are the ones shrieking the loudest about understanding different people and different values, they are the ones absolutely least willing to take themselves at their own words and so they consistently apply western thought models to people who think nothing like we do.

We are a co-operative society. Compromise, agreements and webs of trust run through our culture in mind-blowing levels of complexity. The most virulent Islamist Arabs, on the other hand, live by completely different rules and values, and time and again we who should know better by now refuse to try to see things through Arab eyes because the view is frankly so jaundiced and horrible we really can’t believe what we are seeing.

Honor and shame trump everything in that world. A pithy sentence, eh? So instead, think about what it would take for you to kill your own daughter with a knife, with your bare hands, because she was seen in the company of a man not her husband or a relative? Think about that. Think long and hard. What kind of hatred and shame could drive a human being to do such a thing? What kind of pressures does that society bring to bear on an individual to make him capable of that? How different is their view of women, of family, of honor and shame? What would it take for you to murder your daughter with a knife, or a knotted cord – with your own two hands and against her pleading, her protestations, and her begging for her life? If your response wasn’t “there is nothing that could make me do that,” then stop reading right here and get the hell off my property.’


‘There was a time when most every nationality expressed a burning pride in who and what they were and had become. I have always understood and admired this essential pride in one’s self and their extended national family.

Many in Europe, especially, have renounced such feelings of nationalism. Nationalism has not played out all too happily in Europe, and so we, who have had nothing but success in this regard, are expected to toe the line and voluntarily scrap our shiny new automobile because the neighbors went and ran theirs over a cliff.

What is not apparent from history is the simple fact that being an American is a choice. It is a choice we have all made to be here, or to come here, either ourselves, or our parents, or their parents. It is a choice new millions make annually. And any of us can leave, at any time. No one not a part of this experiment, no one who does not hold the truths we live by to be self-evident, can have a glimmer, a nanosecond flash of how deeply and brightly that pride burns inside so many of us.’

Via A Small Victory.

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Unconventional Wisdom asks a question about the Chalabi story that I haven’t seen asked anywhere else.

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