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May 27, 2004

The Nick Berg story has officially become surreal

So, this guy lets Zacarias Moussaoui use not only his laptop, but his email account. Then, said guy, whose family is feverishly anti-war, goes to Iraq to help rebuild. But first, he gives an interview to Michael Moore? Something is just not right in this whole story and if our media would get over their all encompassing obsession with Abu Ghraib and look into it, well, that would just be wunderbar, wouldn’t it?

Posted by Karol at 06:36 PM |

You left out the fact that Berg’s sister was married to an Iraqi, and now she’s dead. Also, Berg was best friends with Moussaoui’s roommates while he was in college, where? At the University of Oklahoma which occurred while he was still in school. There is now evidence that terrorists were involved in that attack as well. A book was just released on the subject of terrorist involvement of that attack.

Posted by: Deborah Weiss at May 27, 2004 at 7:19 pm

Neverending Nick Berg

Spot On links to a story of how Nick Berg was interviewed by Michael Moore in Iraq, for the film Fahrenheit 9/11. Apparently the footage does not, and will not, appear in the movie. Some are demanding its release, at least to authorities for the…

Posted by: Slant Point at May 27, 2004 at 7:31 pm

In the defense of nick berg:
from what i understand about the email flop, is that he his account was misused to send email by Moussaoui. Note: it was used to send email, not recive email, so it was done with out Berg’s knowledge (do you look at your sent items regulary?), the fbi checked Berg out and let him go.
About the OK city bombing, there is one and only one time that Nichols could have meet up with islamic miltants, which that was after they had collected the firtlizer and had it stored in renterd storage places. So that link is weak in my mind.
just thought post a defense….weak i know.
now why was he talking to micheal moore.

Posted by: cube at May 27, 2004 at 11:28 pm

A lot of unanswered questions. I hope we get some answers by some investigative reporters some day.
Remember the guy who robbed a bank and had a bomb strapped around his neck? The bomb went off and killed him when he was surrounded by police. He had a note with him with all kinds of specific instructions he had to carry out or the bomb would go off. It’s believed he was kidnapped and a psycho put a collar bomb on him.
That’s another stranger than fiction story that for some reason the media has largely ignored.

Posted by: PAUL at May 28, 2004 at 12:04 am

There is so much to this Nick Berg ordeal than any of us know. I urge anyone, LISTEN to the tape of the beheading, at the VERY end, you can make out a voice in PLAIN ENGLISH say “AND HOW WILL THIS BE DONE?” it is so clear and sounds like an American speaking person, not arab speaking English. Compare the pics from the prison to the pic of Berg sitting in chair, they are the same chair. His orange jumpsuit seems silky, not like the ones used in prison, but what is really goin gon here?

Posted by: Beau at May 28, 2004 at 6:51 pm

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