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May 27, 2004

Plan, Plan, Plan

It’s a bad scene when the liberal sites Clarified and Wonkette both criticize Kerry for talking so much about having a plan without ever actually stating what that plan is.

Clarified quotes:

“It will not be like Vietnam,” Kerry said. “I will get our troops home from Iraq with honor and with the interests of our country properly protected.”

How soon? “It will not take long to do what is necessary. I’m not going to give you a specific date, but I’ll tell you that I have a plan and I will put that plan in place.”

Clarified comments:

See here …I have a plan see…and when I implement my plan oh it’s gonna blow all the other plans right out of the water.

Similarly, Wonkette quotes:

“I think it’s important to show them you have a plan,” Mr. Kerry said last week on his plane during a campaign swing in the West. “If you don’t have a plan, I don’t think people are going to have much confidence in you. But I have a plan. I have a specific plan about manufacturing jobs, a specific plan about how we’re going to fight for a fair playing field, a specific plan about science, technology investment. A specific plan about health care.

“I think you have to run an affirmative campaign, and I think you have to – I have to – show America that I have a plan for the country,” Mr. Kerry said. “And I do have a plan. And that’s what I’m doing.”

And then notes:

Well, that’s a relief. There’s no way that someone who didn’t have a plan say the word plan that many times. Unless that was the plan.

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We heard Bush

Posted by: Jake at May 27, 2004 at 2:50 pm

I have been wondering if Kerry will eventually go as nuts as Gore has. We won’t know until after he loses an election, but Kerry is not as likely to lose his own state and county, so something else will have to push his sore-loser-gone-nuts-button.

Posted by: michael parker at May 27, 2004 at 5:13 pm

“Bad scene” if you are used to viewing things in a strictly partisan fashion.
Others might call it “being objective.”

Posted by: Rick at May 27, 2004 at 8:53 pm
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