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May 31, 2004

Oh no, oh no, oh no

I can’t tell you how many people around me have complained of having a rash lately.

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He was born, born to be wild.

I love seeing Bush with people like the bikers of Rolling Thunder:




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May 30, 2004

I tried

I’ve been really trying to watch the Sunday morning political shows, but, after catching part of Judy Woodruff’s show this morning, I maintain that these shows are just unbearable. Why even bother having the Democratic guest? The hostess does such a fine job on her own representing the left. The glee at how ‘badly’ Iraq is going sickening. I flipped to VH1’s 100 Hottest Hotties before too long. At least there is a range of opinion there.

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Major Blogroll Update

Mostly Politics:

Buzzmachine- He’s all wrong on Howard but I like him on just about everything else.
Conservative Debbie- A friend from the NY conservative scene.
Cut on the Bias- The nicest person walking the earth at this moment. Invited me to come to Alabama and I very well might. :-)
Edward Yee- Another NY conservative scene blogger.
Rachel Lucas- ‘Guess who’s back, back again….’
Vodkapundit- I’m Russian, I can relate to the vodka love.

Mostly Personal:

A Picture Of Me- A fabulous young lady I met through another fabulous young lady.
Samaj- A porn-y blog that I enjoy.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that:

Gawker- Snotty commentary on just about everything.
Gothamist- Law & Order love and all things NYC.

If I got the region wrong for any of these, let me know.

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On Iraq

Instapundit has a great post about public opinion on Iraq, including a link to a poll question that got the following response:

30. When you hear about the continuing violent attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq, are you more likely to think the United States should be pulling troops our of Iraq or that the United States should be using more force to help stop the attacks by Iraqi insurgents?

1. Pull troops out 32%
2. Use more force 52
3. (Neither) 9
4. (Not sure) 7

He also notes that these numbers may explain Kerry’s sudden toughness.

Update: Mark Steyn shares my displeasure of people who were for the war before it began but lost their nerve as soon as the -gasp- shooting started. Steyn names names (mostly British journalists which I guess explains why my some of my British friends are surprised to learn that I’m still for the Iraq war) He writes about Kerry and the aforementioned public opinion on strength:

And evidently John Kerry’s internal polling is telling him the same thing. Hence, his speech in Seattle on Friday: “This country is united in its determination to destroy you,” he told the terrorists. “As commander in chief, I will bring the full force of our nation’s power to bear on finding and crushing your networks. We will use every available resource to destroy you.” Winning the Presidency isn’t like winning the Palme d’Or, and Kerry, the ne plus ultra of weathervane politicians, seems to have figured there aren’t enough votes in sounding like Michael Moore, Howard Dean or even Al Gore. With an eye to her own political viability, Hillary Clinton the other day demanded an expansion of the army.

Does Kerry mean it? Probably not. The tough talk’s a cover for what would be a return to the ineffectual reactive national-security policy of the 1990s – “I have here a piece of paper from Kim Jong-Il,” etc. If the media manage to drag the Senator, a very weak candidate, over the finishing line, it will be seen as a humiliating verdict on Bush’s war. There will be no stomach for further neo-con adventuring. The House of Saud can relax and resume its buying off of al-Qaeda. Pakistan’s ISI can get rid of General Musharraf. The IAEA can go back to sleep and let Iran get on with its nuclear programme. And, after months and months of experts telling them that they didn’t have enough troops in Iraq, Washington will realise all the extra troops they needed are sitting around twiddling their thumbs in Europe, guarding against enemies who no longer exist on behalf of allies who are no longer allies.

Such a world would be a more dangerous place, but not necessarily for Americans. It is Europe that’s closer and more vulnerable to terrorists, dysfunctional states and other enemies. That is why I’m a relatively relaxed hawk. The US may be forced to suffer the perception of defeat, but it is Europe that will live with the consequences. Be careful what you wish for.

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May 29, 2004

Shocker: Guardian writer makes things up to make America look bad.

Really, who among us is surprised?

Via Instapundit.

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May 28, 2004

I’m shaking in my boots.

Britain says it wants to speedily process a US extradition request for radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri in a move that could see him jailed for life on terror charges.

Oooooh, jailed for life, how scary. Sandwiches, card games, books, sleeping as much as you want, any drug you can ever desire, writing letters to the outside world (and, hey, if you write stirring op-eds, Paris will give you a key to the city ala Mumia), getting a degree, having coffee with your breakfast, playing sports outside in the summer, conjugal visits with your wife and most importantly, still being able to direct a terror program on the outside. And his victims? Eh, who cares. And his crimes? Something about setting up terrorist training camps in Oregon and taking tourists hostage in Yemen. They’re uh, all dead. And he should be too.

Wow. I guess I do care one way or the other about the death penalty after all.

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Two observations after reading Lileks

1. The director of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is a bigger moron than previously thought.

2. I’m so glad Lileks is on my side of the political aisle.

Go read.

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John Kerry, rebel.

From Instapundit:

JOHN KERRY has given up on the idea of delaying his acceptance of the Democratic nomination. Is this a flip, or a flop?

The delay idea was certainly a flop, anyway. And all it’s accomplished is to make him look both tricky and indecisive. Seems like a bad move to me.

Kerry’s striking a noble pose: “”The decision that I made today raises the bar.”

So by doing exactly what he’s supposed to do, what he planned to do, and what everyone expected him to, he’s somehow setting a high moral tone?

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May 27, 2004

Overcrowding Nonsense

Several times in the past, in Spot On’s comment section, there has been a debate about the overcrowding of the world. I said it was not overcrowded, that was a myth. A bunch of people, I remember commenter Paul was among them, said I was wrong and the world was very crowded. Well, Dean Esmay crushes the idea that the world is overcrowded. Even I was surprised at just how undercrowded it is.

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You know what’s funny? Bloggers being invited to a certain cool event and being told that it’s off the record, so they all handle it in their own unique ways. One censors himself, one mentions something in passing with no details and one emails me to ask how much can be revealed. At the super secret event, I met Heather Mac Donald, who was as fantastic in person as she is in print. Here is her latest article, coincidentally about a study done by my alma mater. Get her book, ‘Are Cops Racist?’ here. I also, finally, got to meet Dawn Eden (who, by the way, not only wrote about last night and listed the location but also posted a pic). She’s so cute, conservative, friendly and does a 60’s pop dance party one night a month, called Pop Gear, that I’ve been meaning to check out for awhile. I just have a feeling we’re going to be friends. I say to skittish bloggers: give away as much as you’re comfortable giving.

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The Nick Berg story has officially become surreal

So, this guy lets Zacarias Moussaoui use not only his laptop, but his email account. Then, said guy, whose family is feverishly anti-war, goes to Iraq to help rebuild. But first, he gives an interview to Michael Moore? Something is just not right in this whole story and if our media would get over their all encompassing obsession with Abu Ghraib and look into it, well, that would just be wunderbar, wouldn’t it?

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Plan, Plan, Plan

It’s a bad scene when the liberal sites Clarified and Wonkette both criticize Kerry for talking so much about having a plan without ever actually stating what that plan is.

Clarified quotes:

“It will not be like Vietnam,” Kerry said. “I will get our troops home from Iraq with honor and with the interests of our country properly protected.”

How soon? “It will not take long to do what is necessary. I’m not going to give you a specific date, but I’ll tell you that I have a plan and I will put that plan in place.”

Clarified comments:

See here …I have a plan see…and when I implement my plan oh it’s gonna blow all the other plans right out of the water.

Similarly, Wonkette quotes:

“I think it’s important to show them you have a plan,” Mr. Kerry said last week on his plane during a campaign swing in the West. “If you don’t have a plan, I don’t think people are going to have much confidence in you. But I have a plan. I have a specific plan about manufacturing jobs, a specific plan about how we’re going to fight for a fair playing field, a specific plan about science, technology investment. A specific plan about health care.

“I think you have to run an affirmative campaign, and I think you have to – I have to – show America that I have a plan for the country,” Mr. Kerry said. “And I do have a plan. And that’s what I’m doing.”

And then notes:

Well, that’s a relief. There’s no way that someone who didn’t have a plan say the word plan that many times. Unless that was the plan.

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Just a note

No matter how old I get, and I’m 27 for those keeping score, there will never be anything quite like my mom coming over, dumping all my clothes on the bed and making me clean out my closet. Sigh. Be back soon.

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Livin’ in the city

Jane Galt has a piece about the pros and cons of raising babies in a city environment. I’ve come to the conclusion lately, that should I ever have children, there is only one place for me to raise them: Brooklyn. It’s not just because that’s where I was raised and that’s where my parents and friends still live. Brooklyn is close enough to Manhattan that the kids have access to everything the city offers but far enough away that you can have a house and a car with a driveway. There’s plenty of public transportation, I was taking busses and trains by the time I was 8 or 9. I’m writing about south Brooklyn here, not the pseudo-Manhattan areas of north Brooklyn like Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights and Greenpoint (and yes, even you Park Slope and Carroll Gardens). The places I mean are Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Sheepshead Bay, and the little neighborhoods with no names along Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Parkway.

This is a strange thing for me to believe, that Brooklyn is the ideal place to raise kids. I got out of there as soon as I could and I spent many years talking badly about my hometown. Now, though, after living elsewhere for about ten years, I really can’t imagine settling down anywhere else. How things do change.

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Libertarians in London

Andrew Sullivan notes the start of a new fiscally conservative/socially liberal organization in London called the Wave Network. I already am on the email list for another such organization. This one, called the Stockholm Network, is mostly dedicated to market orientated public policy. If you’re living in lockstep leftie land Europe, and are looking for something different, I advise you to check these out.

Update: If you’re in DC tonight, the Americas Future Foundation (another great organization to check out) is having their monthly happy hour.

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