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April 30, 2004

Grape tomatoes illegal in Europe

That’s a little odd, no?

Via Reenhead.

Posted by Karol at 11:53 PM |

I just bought 2 cherry tomatoe plants last week and the guy was pushing the grape tomotoe plants for some reason but I had never heard of them. The cherry was $1.50 per 6 plants the grape $2.50…no brainer if ya ask me but after googling “grape tomatoe” may go back and get a flat.
..oh yeah it is odd.

Posted by: Scott N. at May 1, 2004 at 1:10 am

Not illegal really, just part of the buearucracy surrounding the massive swathe of the EU budget (as much as two thirds I have heard quoted) that goes to agriculture (and before you get smug, U.S. farming is hardly a glowing example of free market economics in practise). There is not fruit and veg police as far as I know. Totally ridiculous though.
They should sample Stalins DNA, build a clone, and get him to sort out the f*cking farmers (without the starvation though). No collectivisation or anything, just organised bands of thugs kicking seven shades of shite out of the greedy bastards. No politicians in Europe have the balls to do it (sort out subsidies that is – not brutalise farmers) – especially the Irish and French.
It is amazing how agriculture is so subsidised here, but food is relatively expensive.

Posted by: Urbane McMeercat at May 1, 2004 at 8:37 am

Nice catch. This item explains the difference between EU regulation and American regulation for products.
By and large, the US regulates products by specifying what is not allowed. This method allows for new products and product improvements.
By and large, the EU regulates products by specifying what is allowed and they set standards for each product. This method freezes products in their place. If a company wants to improve a product or create a new product, it has to get the government to change the standards. You can imagine how difficult that is.
The EU system of regulation places a huge anchor on their economy.

Posted by: Jake at May 1, 2004 at 9:52 am
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