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February 24, 2004

Cute but dumb?

Edwards nay too bright, like.

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Rightwing events in NYC

There are four remaining events in February:
February 24, 2004, 7pm: John Podhoretz, author of “Bush Country” will be reading and signing books at the Barnes & Noble, on the corner of Broadway and West 82nd Street.
February 24, 2004, 6pm: ACLU Marriage Panel (with Log Cabin Republican/NY speaker Jeff Cook), Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South.
February 24, 5pm: Press Conference and Rally in support of Michael Benjamin’s candidacy for US Senate. Corner of 52nd Street & 7th Avenue. In front of Sheraton Hotel.
February 26, 2004, 7pm: Republican Party Meetup at Waikiki Wally’s (Tiki Bar & Hawaiian Restaurant), 101 E. 2nd St between First Avenue and Avenue A. All events are free.
The March events list is now up here. If you have an event to promote, please send me an email.

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February 23, 2004


….it’s so on:
Come November, the voters are going to have a very clear choice. It’s a choice between keeping the tax relief that is moving the economy forward, or putting the burden of higher taxes back on the American people. It is a choice between an America that leads the world with strength and confidence, or an America that is uncertain in the face of danger. The American people will decide between two visions of government: a government that encourages ownership and opportunity and responsibility, or a government that takes your money and makes your choices.
-Candidate George W. Bush

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2 months in 1975

I’ve been doing research for a book and here are some interesting events from November and December 1975:

We were criticizing the Brits for ‘detention without trial’ in Ulster.

Lebanon was on the verge of collapse. Beirut was just becoming a war zone.

Angola (where?) was the huge international crisis. Debate raged as to if the US should get involved.

Israel was being criticized for responding to terrorism and the UN passed the ‘Zionism is racism’ resolution. (Is there anything more depressing than seeing zero movement on this front in almost 30 years?)

The NY Times didn’t like Ford’s new appointments of Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and George HW Bush.

Ford suspected the Russians weren’t being entirely honest.

Hostages were taken in London by the IRA, in Amsterdam by an East Asian terrorist group, and in Vienna by Arab revolutionaries. Everybody was negotiating.

Democrats wanted to choose a candidate early to go up against Ford but all the articles note how they have ‘failed to unite behind a single candidate’.

Soviets had a disastrous harvest season, and there were doubts that they could feed themselves.

The NY Times(!) editorial page, on 12/10/75, noted that the UN General Assembly is a place where ‘meaningless and tedious resolutions have become the norm.’

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Karol’s rule (similar to Murphy’s in US and Sod’s in UK)

After freezing for the past week, I will decide that I need to start dressing warmer and that my t-shirts and skirts aren’t going to cut it anymore. I will put on tights under my pants, I will have a sweatshirt over a long sleeve shirt. I will not forget my scarf. And the weather on this day will, of course, be the warmest of the entire winter.

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February 22, 2004

If you’re not into Nader…

….there’s always Vader.
Via Ken Wheaton.

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We love Nader.

He’s in!

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February 21, 2004

Um, it’s working?

I’m not going to breathe or press anything or even feel relief that my site seems to be working again, in hope that it’ll stay fixed.
UPDATE: Oh well, that didn’t work.

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Site problems

I’m having technical issues with the site (and suddenly I feel in way over my head with Movable Type), so I apologize if you’re experiencing difficulty. I hope to have all the kinks worked out today.

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February 20, 2004

Has the world gone mad?

Ok, I’m only going to say this once for Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit and everyone else who has been quoting the poll numbers that show Bush being beaten by either Kerry or Edwards: these are national polls. We do not have national elections. I don’t understand how all these much more brilliant than me writers can not mention that when citing the polls. We have state by state elections, therefore these polls are, well, meaningless. I keep waiting for someone to point this out but no one ever does. Good thing I have a blog, eh?

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Restaurant Recommendation

Yesterday was the lovely Peter’s birthday. He met me after my polling class and I took him out to dinner. We went to Craft on East 19th between Park and Broadway. I had wanted to go there since it opened a few years ago but it was impossible to get reservations at first (of course) and by the time the hype died down I was a poor student who couldn’t afford it (unless for a special occasion such as this). And, it was pricey but really amazing and, I think, worth it. The idea at Craft is that you order every part of your meal separately. You choose the main dish and then the side you’d like to accompany it. Peter had the Kobe skirt steak. I had the lobster. We had a mushroom risotto, potatos au gratin and whipped potatos as sides. It was dreamy. I highly recommend it (but, again, be sure to bring your platinum card or lots of cash).

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I’m not a protester. I don’t get the concept. I think protesting accomplishes little (yes, yes, once upon a time protests in America changed everything but now is not then and the protest culture has dulled people’s feelings toward large groups marching and screaming) and I don’t like yelling much. Still, I’ve gotten an email from six different people, a few of which are completely outside of my political circle, about a Vietnam Vets and Vietnamese Americans against Kerry protest tomorrow, Saturday, February 28th at 12 noon. It will be at the Kerry NY headquarters at 373 Park Ave. South between 26th & 27th Streets. This is a non-partisan rally and all the emails I’ve gotten ask that people leave partisanship (ie: signs supporting Bush etc.) completely out of it.

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February 19, 2004

John Edwards: Not the worst.

Allahpundit has some on-point John Edwards posters.
Via Ken Wheaton.

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He really is that good

That’s my ‘adorably well-raised’ brother in Dawn Summers’ post!

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It would bother me if my country’s press dedicated so much of its coverage to another country’s politics.

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February 18, 2004

The Maverick Event tonight

The event that I’ve been pitching was tonight and it was really fun. I got to Eugene, the event space, about 20 minutes early. I was on the host committee and so was getting a coveted photo taken with Karl Rove. Scott had emailed me that there were going to be the usual corny protesters outside, so I was expecting the small crowd gathered across the street from the place. I walked in and checked my coat and while I was doing that I heard someone say ‘Karl is going to talk to them!’ I walked over to the door and looked through the glass and indeed, Karl Rove was crossing the street to go talk to the protesters. Everybody watched and whispered ‘what is he doing‘ as he walked over to them. The crowd shifted down the street as he approached them. I watched some of the protesters take his picture. It was stunning.
Later on, when I met him to take the photo, I had to ask: ‘what did the protesters say to you?’ He said ‘they ran away, they wouldn’t talk to me.’ Outstanding.
The other amazing thing was that Mike Bloomberg was great. Yes, really, you read that right. Fewer people have less love for the mayor than I do. I worked for Herman Badillo in the primary against Bloomberg. I was bitter that he bought my party’s nomination. I was going to vote third party until Mark Green forced me to vote against him, and for Bloomberg, with his ‘kill it, kill it, kill it’ ad a month of so after 3000 were killed, killed, killed downtown. Soon after Bloomberg took office, the needling began. It’s not that Bloomberg has done that much wrong (with the exception of the tax increase), it’s the little things that drive everybody insane. The no smoking in bars law (with the poor political maneuver of saying ‘becuse I think it’s a disgusting habit’ accompanying it), the meters on Sundays, the subway fare hike (only to have the MTA discover they were actually running a surplus), the doubling of parking ticket prices etc. But tonight, he was on. He was funny, charming, self-deprecating. He said that he saw Vice President Cheney recently and he looked really relaxed and that made Bloomberg say to himself ‘I bought the wrong office!’ He had a couple of other funny lines. I have to say that I was sure he stood zero shot in 2005, but really, who knows? If it’s another Mark Green-esque candidate that the Dems put up, anything can happen.
I had been to Eugene a couple of times before but have never seen it even nearly as packed as tonight. It was quite inspiring to see that many people turn out, in one of the most liberal cities in the country, to support the president. I hope it’s a sign for the approaching campaign.

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Why ‘pollster’ is the one political career I’m not interested in

How do you conduct a poll like this and not mention Florida?

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