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February 26, 2004

Whatever it is, it’s all Bush’s fault!

What is it about president Bush that drives some people so competely over the edge? I’m a reader of the Buzzmachine blog for awhile now. Jeff Jarvis was never a Bush fan but it seems that the amendment has forced him to cross into the darkside of irrationality that so many Bush haters make frequent forays into. It seems that Clear Channel has pulled Howard Stern off the air. And, with the zeal of any Kucinich supporter or Indymedia poster, Jarvis proclaims it is all….Bush’s fault. But of course. A private company suspends an employee and it’s the fault of the government.

Jarvis writes: ‘Let’s hear a little liberartarian outrage at government meddling in our lives and our speech. Let’s hear a little conservative outrage at government growing beyond its bounds. Let’s hear a little liberal outrage at goverment stiffling free spech.’
His commenters respond:
‘Private companies making their own decisions on what they will tolerate from their employees–the horror!’
‘Seriously, what does Bush have to do with this? I am looking for the two s**ts Bush gives about Howard Stern — so far, I am not finding them. Also, radio has been government-controlled since Dubya was but a naughty gleam in H.W. and Barbara’s eyes; you can’t very well blame him for not disbanding the FCC, or whatever it is you want him to do in order to make sure you can get your Howard fix if you happen to be in Miami. (All the major Miami radio stations are actually in Ft. Lauderdale, long story, no doubt gummint meddling is at the bottom of it).
But don’t worry — Clear Channel being a commercial enterprise not a crypto-fascist org in the pay of the Shadow Government will no doubt take into account the shrieks of the legions of Stern fans, and he’ll probably get his show back everywhere in jig time.’
‘Gosh, I didn’t know I had the right to have a syndicated show on Clear Channel. I thought that was … a job. One from which you can be fired.
I didn’t know Clear Channel was the only forum via which Howard Stern is capable of speaking. Because that would have to be true for this to qualify as censorship, or a squashing of free speech.’
‘Stern asked Salomon if he engaged in anal sex and referred to the size of his penis. Using a racist term, a caller to the show asked Solomon if he had ever had sex with any famous black women.
The “racist” term by the way was the “nigger”….
you are happy about this kind of “speech” on public airwaves? Please explain why this is acceptable, I cannot wait. Plus, it was a private company that pulled Stern NOT the Government. ‘
‘Oh yes, I forgot the fifth branch of government, ClearChannel. How stupid of me.’
‘Gee Jeff. Your post is flat out hysterical. No, I don’t mean a laughing matter. What I mean, is get a freaking grip.’
‘Jeff have censored your posters before due to bad language because you explain, your son might read it. Yet Clear Channels can’t fire who they want?

And on and on went the outrage.

Posted by Karol at 01:09 AM |

That story is funny, it reminds me of a time that I was waiting on line to buy mega millions tickets (better known as my contribution to the school system). A guy was there picking his own numbers, and a lot of them I might add. Anyway he “says to the guy” next to him that the gov’t has quite a racket going they charge 21% on credit cards and borrow money at 1%, he turns to me and says “right?”….Yeah man, so right….hello.

Posted by: DTDT at February 26, 2004 at 10:18 am

Sigh…and I like Jarvis.
And from the looks of his picture, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who runs around shrieking “STERN RULES!”
But there it is in black and white.

Posted by: Gib at February 26, 2004 at 12:35 pm

Where is Von Beck ?!? I’m a little nervous that he might’ve made a run at the White House Yesterday….If you’re out there let us know you are ok!!!!!
By the way, I can’t believe Bush made me this burnt cofee this morning….

Posted by: DTDT at February 26, 2004 at 12:36 pm

I guess the person really to blame in all this is Janet Jackson. The country had one of those “what have we wrought” moments, followed by a sudden rediscovery of morality. I’d give it maybe a year before things get back to normal.

Posted by: Yaron at February 26, 2004 at 1:48 pm

On his own blog, Jarvis practices bona fide censorship. There are words you can’t post; words Jarvis doesn’t want associated with his personal salon. Hell, you don’t even have to whip out one of Carlin’s Seven. If you merely upset one of his delicate doyens, you’re toast. Banned. “We’ll hear no more from you, guttersnipe!”
He did it to me.

Posted by: TC-LeatherPenguin at February 26, 2004 at 4:59 pm

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