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January 27, 2004

More election day betting

Speaking of predictions, Dawn Summers wasn’t happy with losing our dinner bet so we’ve come up with a double or nothing situation: I say Dean wins tonight, she says it’s Kerry. If I win, she is taking both Peter and I to Roy’s. If she wins, she doesn’t owe me anything.

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Catching up on dissing Gephardt

Gephardt dropped out of the race so quietly and quickly that I didn’t get a chance to point and laugh and say ‘who’s the miserable failure now, eh?’

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New Hampshire Prediction

Andrew Sullivan is betting so I’ll put my own prediction out there: Dean 32, Kerry 25, Edward 15, Clark 11.
Blogs for Bush has an open thread where you can see other predictions and post some of your own.

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Oy Vey Joe

Lagging in the polls, Lieberman sought support from independents who helped Sen. John McCain of Arizona to victory in the 2000 Republican primary.

“It matters a lot to me that a lot of McCainiacs in New Hampshire have become Liebermaniacs,” he said at a rally at the statehouse in Concord.

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Better crazy than boring

Mark Steyn on Howard Dean (I strongly recommend you skip my synopsis and go read the whole thing):
As some readers may recall, having spent a decade watching Dean govern Vermont as a dull centrist, I’ve long argued that the crazy guy running around this last year was just an act, a bit of canny opportunism from a minor local pol who needed to get himself a national profile in nothing flat. Unfortunately, Dean’s simulated Mad How disease was so convincing he caught a touch of it himself. If you’ve seen ”Lost In Translation,” you’ll know there’s a marvelous scene where sad middle-age Bill Murray has a night out with Scarlett Johansson and comes to life doing karaoke versions of ’80s rock songs. That’s Dean. He’s right: He’s not a rock star. But for months on end he’s been doing rock-star karaoke with legions of Scarlett Johansson-type college cuties. You can’t blame the guy for getting carried away.

The trouble is that he has now overcompensated. His minders have evidently told him it’s not enough to go back to being the authentically boring Howard Dean — he’s got to be mega-boring. In his interview with Diane from Vermont’s charmingly restored Norwich Inn, he seemed to be fading into the authentic colonial wainscoting. The Vermonster had become, in ’80s karaoke terms, the Calmer Calmer Calmer Calmer Calmer Chameleon. At Thursday’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire, the calmer he got — ”balanced budgets, fiscally conservative manageable budgets, budgets in balance fiscally conservative” — the more the bored Dean watchers speculated that he was about to go berserk, like kids at the zoo eager to start lobbing pebbles at the slumbering gorilla.

Not even Al Gore, in his bewildering array of alternative identities, managed to be both crazy and comatose in the same week. The governor seems to have come up with his own variation on the fiscally conservative/socially liberal shtick: Vote for Dean — fiscally balanced, emotionally unbalanced.
Via Daily Lunch.

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January 26, 2004

There’s something about Dawn

Dawn Summers has 21 questions she’d like to hear the next debate moderator ask the remaining gang of 7. They are so hilarious they’ll almost make you forget she is a crazy leftist.

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January 25, 2004

On being dorky

I love being a political junkie, and therefore a huge dork. Julian Sanchez has a cool piece about all of these ‘conservativism is cool’ or ‘libertarianism is cool’ articles floating around right now and how “being obsessed with politics of any sort is unlikely to be considered ‘cool’ by large sections of the public anytime real soon.”

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Easy Prediction: Clark is a dead man

Calling Michael Moore a ‘man of conscience’, Wesley Clark, on Tim Russert, refused to repudiate Moore’s trademark idiotic comments about Bush being ‘a deserter’. I think few things will make me happier than Moore’s candidate being crushed and leaving Moore again confused (see elections 2002). Clark is, by far, the worst candidate in the race. He makes Howard Dean look like a well adjusted genius. I’m hoping Clark pulls ahead of the pack, if for no other reason than for the media to eat him alive and spit him out. I’m not worried about Clark. There are other jobs he seems to enjoy.

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January 24, 2004

Oh the places I’ve been

I know I’ve forgotten some, the list is long and not alphabetical.

create your own visited country map.
Anyone have any idea what that green spot is on the upper right part of South America? I can’t figure it out.
Via Miguel.

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Judge us by who are enemies are

“Michael Moore represents the America we love” writes a French newspaper, according to Merde in France. I guess that’s why I’m more than ok with them hating us. If the French hate us now more than ever, George W. Bush must be doing something right.

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3-2-1 self destruct

CLARK BLAMES FOX NEWS, REPUBLICAN BIAS FOR DEBATE SHOWING…Yeah, it’s Fox News that made him look stupid.
Gets coveted endorsement of Ted Danson.
Via Drudge.

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January 23, 2004

More CPAC- Ann Coulter rocks

She really does. No matter what you think about her, seeing her live is an experience. I’m not a big fan of her writing but she is so captivating on tv and even more so in person. The crowd went wild when she came on to the stage to the sound of ‘American Woman’ by Lenny Kravitz (she exited to ‘She’s a Brick House’). Some of her classic lines (and yes, she seems to be particularly interested in attacking Bill Clinton and Wes Clark, they’re pretty easy targets):
“Edwards, Kerry and Dean came out of Iowa in a 3 way race. When Bill Clinton heard the news, he said ‘I remember my first Iowa 3 way like it was yesterday’”
“Calling Bush a draft dodger, which is not true, will join the rest of the Democrats’ arguments such as ‘you’re stupid’ and ‘Halliburton!!’”
“Bill Clinton is so hellbent on getting Clark elected he’s gone as far as not endorsing him.”
“Clark claimed that the White House told him, after 9/11, to go on tv and blame it on Saddam. When questioned, he changed it to ‘people around the White House’. When further pressed, he said it was someone at ‘a Middle East thinktank in Canada’. When told that there was no Middle East thinktank in Canada, Clark said it was someone from the Menachem Begin Think Tank in Israel that has a branch in Montreal. Well, at least Clark is getting the hang of being a Democrat- blame everything on the Jews.”
“Democrats have adopted a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy in regards to Clark’s sanity.”
“It is so great to be among rightwingers” (after a lengthy standing ovation).

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More CPAC news

I couldn’t get in to see Dick Cheney kick off the conference but today’s Note provides a nice summary on what he said and also explains the girl in the wedding dress I saw walking around (scroll to the bottom).

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Blogging CPAC

There is something about being in a hotel with, literally, thousands of conservatives that makes me smile all day long. The booths are terrific, the people are great and the speakers are just the icing. My favorite speaker, so far, was, yet again, Wayne LaPierre. He just has something that is so passionate and energizing. Like the last time I saw him, his talk focused on the First Amendment, rather than the Second, and yet again his call to arms against the ridiculous Campaign Finance law is infectious. The NRA is figuring out ways to legally maneuver around the law and LaPierre announced the beginning of a 24 hour news site that the NRA will launch thereby being allowed to voice opinions up to the day of the election. If LaPierre is speaking near you, take my advice and go see him. Several standing ovations later, you’ll be glad you did.
Join the NRA here, contribute here and join me at their annual meeting.

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Matt Drudge is Da Man

Whiny, tiny Moby, fresh from being embarrassed publicly by Eminem (I particularly liked Moby at some awards show accepting an award and including ‘I just want everyone to know I have no problem with Eminem’ in his acceptance speech. There’s a word for that in Brooklyn but this is a family webpage and the word for female dog seems inappropriate.) has started a brawl with Matt Drudge. Apparently, Drudge dared link to Margaret Cho’s rant against Bush (complete with the Bush=Hitler comparison that all the kiddies are into these days) and Cho got some hate mail. This expression of free speech by Cho prompted some free speech from others. Moby thinks this is unacceptable. Don’t stupid rightwingers know that they’re supposed to shut up and take it? What the hell is wrong with us!?!? Calling himself ‘outraged’, Moby says that Drudge ‘exposed her to some really irresponsible and vile reactions.’ Ohmig-d! She was exposed! Poor her. This ain’t Cuba. Drudge responds with a great quip: ‘Those E-mails are mild compared to what I receive on a daily basis. That is the nature of the Internet. Moby and his friends just have to ‘butch up’.
The funny thing is, Moby has yet again chosen to insult someone a lot bigger than him (both in fame, influence and, well, size) and again it is someone that holds grudges. Drudge is the Eminem of the internet. Just like insulting Eminem will get you song after song after song, insulting Drudge will get you link after link etc. These are two men, who just don’t let go. Eminem is still rapping about Ja Rule, years after Ja Rule first fired at him. After idiot writer Michaelangelo Signorile wrote something bad about Drudge in the NY Press, Drudge pulled the NY Press from his coveted links list, also pulling individual links to editor Russ Smith’s page and then-NY Press writer Taki’s page. When Drudge got in a tussle with Bill O’Reilly, the Drudge Report featured every unflattering story on O’Reilly, and went out of its way to highlight O’Reilly’s poor radio numbers. Now, I love Drudge and I love that he is big enough that he can hold grudges so publicly (as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a big fan of vengeance), just like a certain bleach haired rapper can. You know every time Moby will make a misstep, Drudge will be upholding his right to free speech and linking to it so millions of people can know about it.
Via Drudge (where else?).

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My favorite Dem Debate moment

….summarized nicely by Andrew Sullivan:
FORGIVING PETER JENNINGS: Yes, of course, he’s beyond self-important. Some of his questions seemed longer than many of the answers. (Brit Hume, of course, was great.) But I have to say Jennings’ question to Al Sharpton about whom he’d appoint to the Federal Reserve was inspired. Sharpton flailed in ways you rarely see a politician flail. It was a remarkable, rhetorical stiletto wound. And oh so gentle.
For those that missed the debate, Jennings asked Sharpton who he would appoint to head the Federal Reserve. Sharpton gave some long winded answer about how all people need to be ‘elevated’ and how the IMF doesn’t do that currently. Jennings said ‘I asked about the Federal Reserve.’ You could just tell that Sharpton had no idea what the Federal Reserve actually did so he just babbled a typical Sharpton ‘us v. them’ answer that including more talk on ‘elevating’ people. He may be a funny man (a laughingstock, actually) but the Democrats prove what an unserious party every time Sharpton opens his mouth.
Update: NRO’s John Derbyshire on the debate: ‘Let’s see: Edwards knows squat about Islam, Clark is agnostic about whether my President is a “deserter,” Sharpton doesn’t know what the Federal Reserve Board is, Kucinich wants to pay my kids’ college fees (you know, from out of that big brass-bound chest in the White House basement, the one labeled GOVERNMENT MONEY), Dean has a cold, Kerry served in Vietnam, Lieberman mnghhh. ‘
For those that didn’t watch, Edwards was asked how much he knew about Islam. The answer? Not much at all.
Another Update: John Derbyshire nails the Sharpton question.

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January 22, 2004

On the phone with Dawn Summers

Me (reading the Note): ‘Oh look, —2:00 pm: Gov. Dean campaigns door to door. Newport, N.H.’
Dawn Summers: ‘Yeah, probably threatening people’

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