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January 31, 2004

“Kerry is this year

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January 30, 2004

The latest blog

Most of you know that in addition to this site, I also post over at Blogs for Bush and update an event list for the New York Young Republican Club blog. Well, I’ve handed over the reins for the latter to a smashing young man and will now be doing a new site that will seek to list all events for rightwingers in NYC. No group will be excluded and I will try to have a complete list of all events on the site. November 2004 is just around the corner and my new site will keep you updated with all kinds of events to get you involved. Bookmark it and check back often.

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January 29, 2004

If it works, why not?

Israel, Hizbollah Make Long-Awaited Prisoner Swap
Hezbollah warns it may kidnap more Israelis
Both headlines from today. Seriously, you couldn’t make this up.

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The role of parties

Jonah writes that they do matter, above and beyond the candidates they produce:
Now, many conservatives have been writing me in recent weeks, in response to my increasingly critical comments about President Bush, to say that maybe conservatives shouldn’t vote for him. I think that’s silly. On any issue of major importance to conservatives, there isn’t a Democrat running who wouldn’t be an order of magnitude worse. Indeed, even if, say, Joe Lieberman’s Joe-Mentum had caught on, and he won the nomination, he would still be filling his administration from a Democratic bench. The gravitational forces of the party largely determine the course of policy. The Democratic dogma is instinctually to err on the side of government action. Republican dogma, at least for now, is to err on the side of individual initiative and the market.

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What the other side says once debunked a story about an Australian dentist writing an article called ‘What is an American?’ The piece was one of those sappy ‘Americans are great’ pieces that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. In the debunking, the Snopes people wrote ‘As the reaction to pieces from a Canadian broadcaster and a Romanian journalist demonstrate, Americans take great delight in encomiums to America and Americans authored by citizens of other nations.’ It’s true. I definitely enjoy reading about how great we are in the foreign press. Partly because such pieces are rare and partly because it just sounds truer coming from a non-American.
Anyway, that line stuck in my head and I find myself feeling that same way when Democrats make pro-Bush arguments. I know I can be dismissed as a loony Republican but people like Peter who voted for Clinton and Nader and people like Doug, who worked for Clinton, as well as many of my blogless friends, can make the arguments sound truer. Check out Doug’s post from Tuesday about why he’s not voting Democrat in ‘04 (but he’s still holding out hope for ‘08). It’s a great read.

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Reagan rocks.

I’d like to say a public thank you to Peter’s brother Kevin, who is proudly serving his country in the United States Navy, for giving me a terrific book on Reagan as a present.
If there are any New Yorkers interested, the NYYRC is having a birthday party for the Gipper, on Feb. 4, featuring John O’Sullivan Editor, National Interest; Editor-at-Large, National Review Former Special Advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Anthony Coles, Former Deputy Mayor, NYC. Roy Innis, Chairman of CORE. Master of Ceremonies: Deroy Murdock, Syndicated Columnist, Scripps Howard News Service.
Also, Fox New’s Julia Gorin and NY Post’s Robert George will be honoring the man with a stand-up comedy show on Feb.6.
More info on both events here.

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January 28, 2004

Two stories I wish were getting more attention in the US

1) Hutton castigates BBC over ‘unfounded’ Iraq report
Now apologise, says Blair
2) Anti-war nations ‘took bribes’ before war began
UPDATE: Yes, I realize that the blogosphere is all over it.
FURTHER UPDATE: Ok, the first story is now all over the news. I’m just, clearly, impatient.
EVEN FURTHER UPDATE: A great read about both of these news stories. Via Instapundit.

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You’re not selling out

Even I know it’s ok to be a hippie when there are members of the opposite sex involved, Yaron, it’s ok.

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State of the Union

Oschisms has an interesting post (and not just because I’m mentioned in it) about what living in a political bubble does to you. While it has been often mentioned on this site, and many others, that the reasons for going into Iraq extend far beyond the WMD question (though, again, there was no doubt that Saddam had these weapons since he had used them and never proven that he had destroyed them), he writes that no goverment official has been as blatant about the other reasons as the president was in his SOTU. It’s a post-9/11 reason to need to change that region of the world that had become a cesspool breeding ground for terrorists and their supporters. Yes, it is ambitious to bring democracy and real stability to a region that has seldom seen it but it is not impossible and it is a worthy goal for our own self interest. The longer we ignore the conditions of these countries, the worse it will be for us. If there is one major reason I adore this president is that he has the guts to say so.

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Missing Clinton

This poor man lost two sons in the war in Iraq and his job. Feel sorry for him?

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Please support this site by using the Amazon link to your left. And, of course, don’t forget the wish list. :-)

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January 27, 2004

Got Botox?

Dawn Summers first pointed out that Kerry really needed some filler for those deep lines, and now I am convinced he has had some. The forehead is definitely less scrunchy and, on a slightly different note, someone has been visiting the tanning booth. See evidence below:
Kerry 1.jpg
Kerry 2.jpg
UPDATE: Drudge has some great pictures here.

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Who’s Like Hitler?
While various nut-jobs find thrills and amusement by comparing President Bush to Hitler, one can find genuine echoes of Nazism, albeit rather faint ones, if one looks in the right places. London’s Independent reports on a new poll by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, which surveyed residents of nine European countries–Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain–about their attitudes toward Jews. Among the findings:
35% said Jews “should stop playing the victim because of the Holocaust and persecution of 50 years ago.”
16.1% said it “would be better if the state of Israel did not exist and the Palestinians got their land back.”
40% think Jews have a “particular relationship with money.”
“In all the countries,” notes the Jerusalem Post, “anti-Semitic sentiment was positively correlated with anti-Israel sentiment.” And the Independent notes Europeans are as ignorant as they are bigoted: “The people polled were asked four questions about the Middle East conflict. Nearly one-third proved clueless. Only 6.2 per cent gave correct answers.”

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What’s that?

Oschisms found himself doing angry sightseeing while in DC.

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On boring speech and which side has won the verbal war.

My lord, Mark Steyn kills me. As usual, go read the entire, hilarious thing.
After spending the best part of a year listening to the Democrats’ strolling minstrels strumming their way round the White Mountains, I’m staggered by how little any of them have to say. If you go to a Kerry rally – something of an oxymoron, but let that pass – the senator’s stump speech is a karaoke tape of floppo populist boilerplate. If he’d downloaded it for free from the internet, that’d be one thing. Instead, he paid a small fortune to hotshot consultant Bob Shrum, who promptly faxed over the same old generic guff he keeps in the freezer: “I (insert name here) will never stop fighting for ordinary people against the powerful interests that stand in your way.”

This shtick worked so well for Shrum’s previous clients – President Dick Gephardt (1988), President Bob Kerrey (1992), President Al Gore (2000) and President Insert Namehere (2008) that he evidently sees no reason why it shouldn’t elect a fifth president this time round. Throw in a few mandatory sneering references to Enron, Halliburton and Attorney-General John Ashcroft plus a handful of local hard-luck stories of doubtful general application – “47-year-old Arlene Claxton of Hooksett worked 20 years to build up her hairdressing business only to contract a rare skin disease from a conditioner manufactured overseas by corporations George W Bush has given tax breaks to in order to export American jobs abroad to jurisdictions lacking environmental safeguards thanks to a sweetheart deal negotiated by a lobbyist for Halliburton and then learnt that her health insurer wouldn’t cover the cost of treatment because etc etc.”
Conclusion: That’s the real story here: for all Howard Dean’s talk that you can’t beat Bush with “Bush Lite”, the candidates who’ll survive to the southern primaries next week are doing their best not to sound anti-war, anti-tax cuts or anti-guns. In other words, even in the Democratic primary, this election’s now being fought on Republican terms.
One of my boyfriend’s ex-bandmates (sorry, Ethan, I’m sure you’re a stellar guy but jeeeeez do you have some bad, unoriginal ideas) quoted, on his blah blah ‘Dick Cheney is a thug’, ‘we live in a police state’, ‘Bush is Hitler’ blog (scroll down to January 8th), a post from Calpundit on how liberalism has won the rhetorical war. At the time, I thought it was extreme wishful thinking. Now it’s just funny.

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Peter was really incensed that my rental car’s cd player was broken. Read all about it.

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No self control.

Al Franken tackles heckler at Howard Dean rally. Here is yet another move by liberals to silence free speech. Imagine what would happen if a Republican had done this. There would be marches and candle-lightings and all kinds of celebrities would congratulate themselves on speaking out. Urg.
Via The Corner.

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