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October 31, 2003

Better late than never. The Friday quiz:

Fight Club!

What movie do you belong in?
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“I was stuck, clinging to the back of the truck,” Dean said.

I can say, with great certainty, that I don’t want a president who jumps onto the back of strange trucks and hopes for the best. If Bush had done this, there would be calls of ‘what an idiot’ but of course, the liberal media is spinning this as some kind of fun loving move by this angry, angry man. So, I’ll say it for them: WHAT AN IDIOT.
Via this girl I’ve met once or twice, Dawn Summers.

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October 30, 2003

Lileks says it best:

‘Back to the house. Get to work. Call up browser. Learn that Howard Dean temporarily called himself a “metrosexual.” Shudder. Do they have that on tape? Lee Atwater would have the commercial in production already: Split screen. On the right, Bush in flight suit, walking on the deck, waving, giving the thumbs up. On the left, Dean in a loop: “I’m a metrosexual. I’m a metrosexual. I’m a metrosexual.” Nothing more. Tagline: Bush. He doesn’t moisturize. He doesn’t tweeze. And he never had a pedicure.

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Looks like the Dems lost their main issue

‘The U.S. economy rocketed ahead at its fastest pace in more than 19 years in the third quarter of 2003.’

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October 29, 2003

Ohmig-d, I can’t wait to get the next issue

Ohmig-d I’m such a geek.

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Too busy to find links

Isn’t it amazing how the Democrats are a few months behind the news? First, that whole Wilson/Plame story broke in July and the Democrats got interested in it in like 4 month later. Now, according to CNN, the Democrats-in particular Daschle- are getting all worked up about the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner on the USS Lincoln all those months ago. At this rate, they’re going to start thinking about how to defend the country after 9/11 sometime in the next 3 years.

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October 28, 2003

You go, Delaware and Missouri.

Urg, too much information on voting and elections and planning is getting to me. The paper is due tomorrow though (thanks, by the way, for all your comments about the Bush campaign-all except that mean Dawn that is) so I hope to be back to more interesting blogging then.

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Wanna help me write a paper?

What advice would you give to George W. Bush to help him form a campaign plan to win in 2004? What would the ‘message’ of the campaign be? On what issues would you hammer his opponents? Do you think Dean/Kerry/Clark (whoever you think the nominee will be) have anything in their legislative/political pasts that could be used against them?

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October 27, 2003

Bill Clinton, Doctor

This is classic.

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And then we have this:

Brad and Jennifer try Mid-East diplomacy. “The past few years of conflict mean that yet another generation of Israelis and Palestinians will grow up in hatred,” reads a statement from Pitt and Aniston. “We cannot allow that to happen.”
They cannot allow that to happen! Consuela, get my finest Gucci. Smithers, ready up the car. There is a region to save!
My favorite part is this (though I’m not sure if it is the ignorance of the Pitts or the bias of the Telegraph so draw your own conclusions): “The actors will urge people to make their views known on the important sticking points that have thwarted peace negotiations, including the future of Jerusalem, national borders, the status of Palestinian refugees and access to disputed water supplies.” Um, anyone notice anything missing from this list of things that has ‘thwarted peace negotiations’? Like, say, the habit of Palestinians blowing themselves up to smithereens in close proximity to as many Jews as possible and then their friends and family celebrating their death as one of a martyr?
Via Drudge.

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That’s it.

I’m sold.

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October 26, 2003

Blogging the debate. Well, the first 20 minutes anyway.

Kerry and Lieberman need to lose the thumbs up they do when they’re introduced.

Sharpton has let the whole ‘he’s the funniest candidate’ go to his head and now keeps throwing in really unfunny Sharpton-isms like ‘my mother is from the south and one thing she taught me was you can’t use watermelon seeds to grow oranges’ when referring to the war in Iraq. What?

Clark needs to blink. Says ‘Bush needs to, I mean the president needs to….’, thanks Wesley, we know Bush is the president. Blink, Wesley, blink.

It’s interesting how they all try to say ‘the president has failed’ and all they come up with in terms of an example is that he failed to get an international coalition. Sorry guys, I don’t think Americans are going to get very enraged about the lack of international coalition. We’re plucky cowboys, remember? None of the candidates get this. I mean, I can think of better things to criticize about Bush’s handling of Iraq.

Al Sharpton’s jail time has become like Kerry’s Vietnam service, no appearance is complete without its mention.

I like Lieberman singling out Kerry and Edwards for voting for the war but against the 87 billion aid. And ‘zing’, he got Clark with that ‘6 different positions on the war’ barb.

Kerry brings up his war experience, yes again, to explain his vote against the 87 billion. Again, Americans are not stupid, they know that it makes no sense to vote for a war and then not send money to support that effort.

Clark responds and says that George W. Bush (apparently, not ‘the president’ this round) didn’t go to the UN. Um, you sure? Cause, I don’t think I was dreaming when Bush went and our resolution got voted down.

Whoa, they left out Kucinch and Moseley-Braun in the first round of questioning and Kucinich called them on it! Soooooo funny.

Kucinich yells at Dean for running ads that say Dean was the only one opposing the war in Iraq (when in fact Kucinich, among others like Sharpton and Moseley-Braun, had too). This is so funny because I’m sure Dean was not thinking about, um, joke candidates.

Hahahaha, now Clark is blinking too much. Almost twitching blinking.

Alright, I’m not watching this whole thing. Philadelphia is outside and I’m going to explore.

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Sam Katz for Mayor

Do you live in Philadelphia? The Sam Katz mayoral campaign is looking for volunteers from now until election day.

Drop me an email if you’re interested. You get the added bonus of meeting me (as I’m currently in Philly working on this campaign). :-)

If you’re in Manhattan or Brooklyn and interested in working for some great candidates for City Council, please contact me as well.

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October 24, 2003

Not my kind of libertarians

Since when is it a civil liberty to decide when someone else should die?

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Quote of the Day:

“Googling the Haiti war is an interesting exercise, if only to revisit old fault lines. Thrill! as conservatives grumble that we’ve no business nation-building. Gasp! as liberals insist that the Armed Forces should be used to topple tyrants.”
-James Lileks

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Quiz on Friday

I’ve decided to have inane quizzes on Fridays (depending, of course, on whether I remember this decision next Friday and Fridays after that). Here is one I stole from Ken Wheaton (and, coincidentally, got the same result as him):

You are Juan Moreno!!

Which Completely Random Person Are You!!
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PBS and its bias

Opinion Journal takes on the one sided television channel. I haven’t trusted PBS since the scandal a few years ago where they traded donor lists with the Democratic party. I would’ve pulled federal funding for the station right then, but of course that was 1999, Clinton was in office and why would he do anything to sabotage the doting press PBS invariably gave him and his party?

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