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September 30, 2003

Give Bush Money

Today is the last day of the quarter for fundraising. Scared of the 10 loonies who want to be president? Think the war on terrorism won’t be won with good feeling and a little love? You know what to do.
Despite what the hysterical left will tell you, most of President Bush’s contributions come from people giving about $30. Every dollar has an effect.
The Bush blog group is trying to track the donations that the blogs get by asking people to give in dominations ending in 4 (14, 24, 54, you get the idea).

Posted by Karol at 01:28 PM |

I’m all for giving candidate money if you have it. But strangely enough, that’s all I see the Bush people doing. Asking for money. What about other ways people can help?
It scarily reminds me of the amazing services of NYC shown after 9/11. The message was from Bush: don’t worry, we have things under control, go about your business.
Once again, although not a tragedy, I feel like Bush’s campaign is saying “give us money, we’ll take care of things, and then show up and vote.”
It may not be that easy. They will need help. And there are many Republicans in NYC willing to make that happen.
Is it because NY will vote Dem and it’s a waste of resources for Bush?
Well, we have other national candidates here where our votes do count. Hillary, Schumer, city council, etc. It has to start at the top.
And we have the GOP Nat. Convention coming next year. My message: Stop asking for money and start asking for help.

Posted by: /Slant Point. at September 30, 2003 at 2:43 pm
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