Alarming News

September 30, 2003

From Lileks, no comment needed:

Listening to my headphones: the man on the news insisting that America has declared war on Islam, and America will be defeated. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! he said, and he proceeded to tell me nothing I didn’t know already: American troops are kicking down the doors of mosques in Iraq and using flame-throwers on the exposed soles of the faithful, etc etc. I turned it off and took off the headphones. The modern world: Muzak is preferable to the news. Times like these I do the unfair but instructive WW2 comparison; imagine a fellow standing in the aisle of a drugstore in 1942, with huge cans on his head, a thick cable going to a heavy box strapped around his waist.

Hey, Mac, what’s that?

“It’s a portable radio! It lets me listen to news and opinion wherever I go.”

Huh. Why?

“I wish to stay informed.”

I get it; sure. Good for you. A lotta these jakes and jills here, they wander ‘round like nothin’ changed, like the world’s still nothin’ but toothpaste and movie magazines. So what’s the news? Whaddya hear from the front?

“Oh, nothing from the front. I’m listening to a German-American in Brooklyn insist that the Nazis will defeat us.”


Brother, take them things off. Go listen to a jukebox or somethin’. Leave it alone for a while.

He’d have a good point

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