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September 30, 2003

From Andrew Sullivan

SHHH …: The AP makes sure it doesn’t actually accuse anyone of, er, you know, anti-Semitism or anything. Just because vandals spray-painted anti-Jewish slogans on Rosh-Hashanah, well, it could be anything, you know … Where does the AP think it’s publishing? In France?

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The Ads

Ok, ads suck, I know. The difference with the ads now at the top of the screen is that I’m getting paid for each click. At the moment the ads have been for peace pins and Wesley Clark and other things I would never advocate. So, know that while my wallet will thank you for clicking, you will be visiting sites I may not support. Please click frequently anyway. Thank you.
P.S I am not being paid for the Bush ad. That one is a link of love.

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Give Bush Money

Today is the last day of the quarter for fundraising. Scared of the 10 loonies who want to be president? Think the war on terrorism won’t be won with good feeling and a little love? You know what to do.
Despite what the hysterical left will tell you, most of President Bush’s contributions come from people giving about $30. Every dollar has an effect.
The Bush blog group is trying to track the donations that the blogs get by asking people to give in dominations ending in 4 (14, 24, 54, you get the idea).

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On some recent reversals…

…..Michael Barone chronicles them.

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Two weird searches of the day

‘russ-smith hussein heart bush sept’
‘long island lsat nervous’

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An Odd Request

A couple of months back, the Pentagon floated an idea about having a futures market about events in the Middle East. The idea was to note (with money) predictions of war and terrorist attacks in the region. My first response was disgust, as was most peoples who heard about this plan. The plan was quickly scrapped.
Since then, I’ve read a bunch of very interesting things that have led me to rethink my initial reaction. I like to think logically about things, instead of emotionally, and from what I understand of the proposed plan, it would’ve been an asset to fighting terrorism, not a promoter of it.
Anyway, this Thursday, Alex Tabarrok from George Mason University will be speaking to a libertarian group called Junto in NYC. His topic will be ‘Terrorism Futures, Information Markets and a New Form of Democracy.’ The description of the talk is ‘The Pentagon’s notorious plan to use markets to help to improve intelligence gathering and forecasting was roundly denounced by Senators from both political parties and quickly canceled. The ideas behind the proposal, however, are important and have already been put to good use in the private sector. I will discuss how information markets have been used to forecast elections, movie returns, printer sales and much else and why they might have improved the collection and analysis of intelligence information. In the future, a form of information markets may even replace democracy.’
I’m going to be in Ohio on Thursday night and so won’t be able to attend. Is anyone interested in going and either telling me all about it or even writing something up for ‘Spot On’? I know that libertarians frequently take idealism outside the sphere of reality and if that’s the case here too, I’d like to know that. It seems like an interesting idea that doesn’t ’sound right’ and I want to know more about it. If anyone is into going, drop me an email and I’ll give you the details.

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From Lileks, no comment needed:

Listening to my headphones: the man on the news insisting that America has declared war on Islam, and America will be defeated. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! he said, and he proceeded to tell me nothing I didn’t know already: American troops are kicking down the doors of mosques in Iraq and using flame-throwers on the exposed soles of the faithful, etc etc. I turned it off and took off the headphones. The modern world: Muzak is preferable to the news. Times like these I do the unfair but instructive WW2 comparison; imagine a fellow standing in the aisle of a drugstore in 1942, with huge cans on his head, a thick cable going to a heavy box strapped around his waist.

Hey, Mac, what’s that?

“It’s a portable radio! It lets me listen to news and opinion wherever I go.”

Huh. Why?

“I wish to stay informed.”

I get it; sure. Good for you. A lotta these jakes and jills here, they wander ‘round like nothin’ changed, like the world’s still nothin’ but toothpaste and movie magazines. So what’s the news? Whaddya hear from the front?

“Oh, nothing from the front. I’m listening to a German-American in Brooklyn insist that the Nazis will defeat us.”


Brother, take them things off. Go listen to a jukebox or somethin’. Leave it alone for a while.

He’d have a good point

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September 29, 2003

Bill Clinton is weird….

said Tony Blair. I can’t believe it took me so long to see all the things that Tony and I have in common.

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Who is afraid of cowboys?

I am looking forward to this.

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Sadder still: the Democrats in the running for president.

10 dwarfs.jpg

My boyfriend does not, in any way, consider himself a Republican. He certainly leans right on foreign policy but he’s got all kinds of crazy ideas about things like throwing more money into a failure of a school system. Here is what he says about the 10 Democrats running for president:

John Kerry- “The man cried when one woman told him she lost her job! One person! If he can’t maintain his composure when one person loses their job, how is he going to react when the jihadis nuke Manhattan?”
Bob Graham- “I thought he was dead!”
Joe Lieberman- “My favorite of the 10. Too bad he has no chance.”
Wesley Clark- “This is the guy who ran the campaign in Bosnia and was fired. Bill Clinton fired this guy! How bad do you need to be for Clinton to fire you?
Dennis Kuchinich- “Who?”
John Edwards- “John Kerry from another state?”
Howard Dean- “Do you see what kind of psychos flock to Dean? Dean surrounds himself with idiots, we don’t need a president like that.
Al Sharpton- “The joke candidate”
Carol Moseley Braun- “She’s wasting her money.”
Dick Gephardt- “I know nothing about the guy.”

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September 28, 2003

A sad state of affairs

How pathetic is the Republican party in New York? The Republican Executive Committee in Brooklyn will be meeting to find a replacement for City Council candidate Frank Voyticky, who was supposed to be on the ballot against Democrat Geoffrey Davis in November. Why? Because Mr. Voyticky is moving. To Ireland. A month before the election. Granted, Republicans have the same shot of capturing the Davis seat as my friend Stella Ritter has of winning the lottery that she has been feverishly playing. Still.

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Quote of the Day

This pitch isn’t getting a lot of respect. “The line seems pretty clear,” said Rich Lowry, editor of National Review. “Developing mass commercial aviation and soaring skyscrapers was the west’s idea; slashing the throats of stewardesses and flying the planes into the skyscrapers was radical Islam’s idea.”
-on Edward Said’s idea, noted in Mark Steyn’s obit to Said, that western civilisation and the Muslim world are so “intertwined” that it’s impossible to “draw the line” between them.

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September 27, 2003

Buy Me Things

I used to think ‘wish lists’ on blogs were cheesy. Then I though, cheesy-shmeezy, I’m a poor-ish student with many wants, particularly in the book department, and theres nothing wrong with getting presents. So, I’ve made an Amazon wishlist. And, I’ve added the link to the left side of your screen.
It’s funny how the list shows my tranparency as to what my interests/favorites lately have been: examining the neverending racialist games played in this country, Dinesh D’Souza (who, by the way, is debating at an event in NYC on October 14th), Hanif Kureishi (an incredible British writer who has the unfortunate experience of having several of his phenomonel books turned into some of the worst films I’ve ever seen), experiencing one of those crazy travel urges that will take me on 5 trips in the next few months (Ohio, Prague, L.A, Vancouver and either Russia or Italy by December), rereading all the Granta magazines I have and wishing I had others and fiending some new music (such as the new Spiritualized or BMRC).
So, don’t be shy, purchase away! :-)

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From The Note:

The Secret Service parked a Metro-North train under the Waldorf Astoria hotel this week as an “escape option” in the event of a terror attack on President Bush and other world leaders who stayed there, the New York Post reports.
Interesting. I was wondering about some of the precautions they must’ve been taken.
On another note, why all these world leaders would stay at the fugly Waldorf-Astoria is beyond me. I would rather stay at the architecturally uninteresting, but with a beautiful interior, Trump World Tower if I was going to be staying near the UN.

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New links on the blogroll

Two California blogs:
Confessions of a San Francisco Republican
annika’s journal
And another excellent Italian blog that is worth translating via the google translator tool:
1972 Blog

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“I’m the only Republican in NYC…waaaaaa”

Not so. There are many, many of us out there and growing all the time. There are 9 excellent events going on in October alone. Doesn’t sound like a city lacking a rightwing to me.
I’ve revamped the New York Young Republican Club blog yesterday (I had a lot of time on my hands o-k) and will be updating it with cool events going on around town. If you’ve got an event, drop me an email and I’ll add it. Bookmark/blogroll the NYYRC blog and check back often.

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